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Information of Clash Mini

Name Clash Mini
Last version V1.2592.6
Category Strategy
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Size 779.94 Mb
Developer Supercell

Clash Mini APK Download

One of the most anticipated mobile games in recent times has definitely been Clash Mini, the latest game by the number one mobile game developer Supercell. Finally, after much waiting, the Clash Mini download Android version is out.

Made by the minds behind games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, it was already expected that this game would be another strategy mind game, and Supercell didn’t disappoint.

clash mini download android

Unfortunately, free games are famous for having a lot of grinding if you want to unlock the strongest characters without paying a single cent. Well, that’s where the Clash Mini APK comes in, to ensure you’re able to level the playing field against players who spend real world money to get stronger.

Why You Should Play Clash Mini APK

Click on the Clash Mini APK download latest version button and be introduced to one of the most unique and interesting mobile games out there.

The core gameplay of Clash mini is simple. Use ranged, melee, and tank characters (known as minis) to win matches against 7 other players from all around the world, either in a casual match for fun or in a ranked/competitive match to climb up the leaderboards.

It’s also possible to challenge or play with your friends to make the experience more fun for everyone involved.

Players who have played other Supercell clash games will recognize many characters, such as the barbarian king and the archer queen. However, everyone has been shrunk down to their chibi or mini version to fit the game’s unique art style.

clash mini update

You have to collect, summon, and upgrade your armies in this turn based real time board game simulator. The most appealing thing about this game is that matches last only around 5 minutes, which means you can hop in and play a quick match at any time.

Speaking of collecting, it isn’t as if you instantly have access to the strongest characters available. Just like in Clash Royale, you have to unlock them, either by getting lucky when opening a chest or by buying them from the store using gems, (the currency of this game) or gold coins.

Not only unlocking but leveling up characters also takes a huge amount of gold, with the higher the level of the mini you’re trying to level up, the more gold you’ll need to dish out. Fortunately, we have a fix for you in the form of Clash Mini APK.

How Does Clash Mini Look?

Instead of the usual art style that Supercell has been using all these years, they decided to go for a cute 3D one this time around, and players absolutely love it.

Instead of how they would look in any other games, the iconic characters such as Pekka and the wizard now look like they’re lego versions. Small, cute, and looking like statues.

clash mini apk

It’s also possible to give skins to all of your minis by unlocking them from chests and surprise boxes. Customize your favorite minis to make them stand out from everyone else when in battle.

When it comes to music, Supercell has always outdone itself and this time is no different. The hub music as well as the battle music will both go down as some of the most recognizable mobile video game pieces, just like Supercell’s other games.

Advantages of Clash Mini APK Download

So you now know how appealing the game is, but you also know how much grinding and luck you’ll need from your side to actually unlock the characters and skins that you want (without paying actual money of course).

Well, let us introduce you to the Clash Mini APK new version, which has several features that will cut down your grind time completely, and make it so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

clash mini download

Clash Mini APK

The first, and probably the most well loved feature of the Clash Mini is the one that gives players free to use on whatever they want.

This means that it won’t be like everything will be handed to you. On the contrary, you’ll be free to try your luck with chests as many times as you want until you get the skin or character you want, still retaining the excitement factor.

Of course, if you REALLY want something, or if you want to easily progress in the battle pass, then it’s also possible to purchase tiers by using gems.

clash mini new update

Clash Mini APK Latest Version

If gems aren’t the only thing you’re looking for, then there’s also the option to get. With you’ll be able to train your troops to the highest level possible without having to spend hours, maybe days, mindlessly grinding to do so.

This, along with the you get with this feature makes it a must try for players who just want to experience the engaging strategic battle system of the game.

Clash Mini APK

As mentioned above, some minis (or heroes) are stronger than others, but the stronger they are the more difficult it is to get them.

clash mini apk download

Well, with this Clash Mini feature, you’re able to unlock every single mini and hero instantly, which means you’re free to build your team in whichever way you want.

So Download Clash Mini APK Today

And that was everything to know about Clash Mini, as well as how to get around the mindless grinding this game wants you to do. So, what’s the delay? Click on the Clash Mini download Android version now and start playing!


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