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Information of Stumble Guys

Name Stumble Guys
Last version V0.49.1
Category Action
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Size 192.36 Mb
Developer Kitka Games

Stumble Guys APK

Stumble Guys is a fun, multiplayer action game that requires you to take part in fun and exciting battles. It seems easy, but you have 32 players to go against in this competitive and exciting game. To win, you need to win over different challenges and become the champion. You can download the Stumble Guys APK to start playing against other players.

In Stumble Guys, you’ll be pulled into colorful graphics and fantastic gameplay. The game has a different challenge in each round, and you need to do your best to qualify for the next round. While the first round has all players, the second and third will reduce the number of players depending on how well they do. There are different challenges, like snowballs, revolving doors, falling platforms, and wrecking balls.

stumble guys apk

It is pretty easy to play the Stumble Guys APK game, as there is a joystick and a button for jumping. The button will be used to get through obstacles, and if you press it while in the air, you can gain momentum to move forward. This battle royale game also offers you different avatars that you can play with, and you can get the skins at any time with Stumble Guys.

If you’re looking for an engaging multiplayer game that pits you against a lot of players in exciting gameplay, a great physics system, and bright graphics, Stumble Guys is the top choice for your Android device. Start playing the Stumble Guys APK to pass the challenges it has to offer.

Competitive and Fun Gameplay

One feature that you will definitely enjoy after the Stumble Guys APK download is the ease and simplicity of the gameplay. There is no special storyline or plot behind it, and all you need to do is reach the finish line before all the other players.

This makes it similar to a standard racing game, except there are different engaging obstacles that will remind you of a survival show. Once a particular number of players get to the finish line, they receive the prize, and those trying to complete the race will lose and be disqualified. When you play with 32 players, you can become one of the 12 winners and receive rewards and accumulation points.

stumble guys

Since there are 32 people that you have to play with, Stumble Guys free has really fierce competition. There are no elements of tricking your opponent or fighting, so it’s all fair. All you need to do is pass the obstacles and get there before them. There are loads of obstacles on the map too.

All players are placed on the starting line and can start. When 16 people finish, the game will stop. While playing Stumble Guys, it’s important to be careful and move slowly when passing difficult obstacles. Since there is no winner, all you need to do is finish the race before other players. If you rush, you can get stuck or get into an accident. If you’re among the winners, you get ranking points and can join the gold board of the game. You can even increase your chance of winning with the Stumble Guys APK version.

Customize Cute Characters

When you play the Stumble Guys game, you get access to some of the most adorable, tiny characters. What’s more, you can customize them however you want. It is not as realistic as normal 3D games, as the characters only have hair, face, arms, and legs, with no special features or even nose and mouth.

But, you are allowed to wear different clothes and skins for them. You can get the Stumble Guys version to get all the skins immediately. The default player is a man with painted hat, t-shirt, and trousers. You can change his outfit or buy a new hairstyle with the default currency.

stumble guys online

There are some more interesting skins like cowboy, witch, or cop. Get them once you download the Stumble Guys. You can shop for new things for your player and even give them a name to separate them from the many others you will play with. Also, the game has a social section for chatting with others.

Go Past Different Challenges

The map system you will get when playing Stumble Guys is versatile and unique, offering a different type of challenge that you will have to face. The traps and obstacles are expertly placed in different positions, so if you’re not careful, you can fall down or get into an accident. Although you won’t be out of the game, you will move to the starting line.

One of the best parts of the Stumble Guys APK is the varied maps. There are different kinds of maps that you can use as you play, but you won’t choose them. Instead, the game system will randomly select one map, so everything inside will be different each time you play. The player will not get bored as they do each round because the game is never repetitive but always has something exciting.

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All you have to do is hope that other players get into an accident while you try to reach the finish line. There are different things that can push you back to the starting line, like falling down a slippery slope, being hit by a snowball, slipping and falling while moving through tiles, and more. It’s really hard to become one of the top 16 players after you’ve been pushed back to the beginning.

With these elements, the Stumble Guys APK will definitely unlock your competitive spirit as you will want to win, even when you are pushed to the beginning.


The Stumble Guys game is one that will definitely keep you engaged and on edge as you try to become one of the winners. The challenging obstacles will make it a bit hard to win, but you can push through and become one of the top winners. Meet new friends and do your best to get the championship.


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