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Information of Bowmasters

Name Bowmasters
Last version V6.0.11
Category Action
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 261.52 Mb
Developer Playgendary Limited

Bowmasters APK Download

Individuals who have played tower crush games in the past might be familiar with the concept of throwing something from a great distance with pinpoint accuracy in order to ensure you hit the enemy target.

Well, Bowmaster APK is just like those games with the added benefit of it being, well, better. Master over 31 different and unique characters and hone your archery skills as you use different abilities and your own raw talent in order to take the opponent down.

bowmasters m menu

Bowmasters APK doesn’t have any story or underlying plot, although you might have heard of some of the playable characters in this game. Why all these characters want to kill each other is also unknown to us. All we know is that we need to take out the enemy.

Bowmasters APK Gameplay

Bowmasters APK has very simple gameplay, so pretty much anyone can press the Bowmasters download button and get to playing straight away.

This super accessive gameplay is one of the many reasons Bowsmasters APK is so popular, not only on Android but also on other mobile devices. So much so that it now has its own website you can play on, although the application is still the recommended way to play.

At starting a match, your character and the enemy character are placed with a huge distance between the two of you. Bowmasters APK is a turn-based game, so the two of you need to take turns.

Simply press on the screen to make your character start aiming. Then, using the in-game cursor, set where you want your character to shoot.

bowmasters m apk

Depending on the distance and height of the character you’ll have to change the trajectory as well or risk missing the enemy entirely. In this sense, you might say the gameplay is a little like Angry Birds.

As mentioned above, there are many different characters and all have different weapons. What Bowmasters APK weapon you have equipped also determines the total damage, blood, and impact the enemy will have.

Although you have to unlock most of the characters using in-game currency, it’s possible to use the Bowmasters APK all characters to bypass the required grind.

Bowmasters APK Look and Feel

What good would a game where you hit enemies from afar be without them being thrown back by the force of your weapon, am I right?

Bowmasters APK has exceptional ragdoll physics that makes it so that depending on your weapon, the distance you shot the weapon from, and the speed the enemy was hit the enemy will be thrown back a set distance.

bowmasters download

Additionally, the game also has a charming and unique art style that looks a little like Disney cartoons. One thing Disney cartoons don’t have, however, is blood. Fortunately, Bowmasters APK has it. A lot of it.

Different Bowmasters APK Modes

Bowmasters APK has different mes as well, all of which change the way the game is played. Some of those are:


If you want to see who’s a better marksman between you and a friend or family member, then you can do so using the duel game more.

Call the friend over and then take turns hitting each other to see which one of you is able to completely reduce the other’s health to zero.

bowmasters apk

This me can either be played on different devices or on the same one. We recommend playing this on an iPad or tablet and just keep on passing it around as that makes it more fun.


Surely you’re aware of the marksman trope where they hit an apple off the head of a poor innocent bystander? Well, with Bowmaster APK you can do this too.

Simply select this me and your character, after which you’ll be placed on the map. Just some distance from you will be a person with an apple on their head.

You need to accurately throw your weapon in such a way that only the apple gets hit. If you hit the person, however, then you’ll lose. Because of this, only a true marksman will be able to complete this me.

bowmasters apk all characters

Duck Hunt

Finally, become an avid hunter in Bowmasters APK duck hunt me, where the aim is to, well, hunt ducks.

You’ll be thrown on the map and a bunch of ducks will spawn randomly. Your job is to hit as many as you can to raise your score.

Because of the number of ducks, it is recommended to use either a character that has a big weapon or throws multiple weapons at once.

Tournament Mode

Finally, there’s the tournament me where a bunch of different players from around the world are brought together for one tournament.

Matches are played one by one and players are eliminated without mercy in order to determine which player is truly the best marksman, with the overall winner being rewarded with in-game money.

bowmasters m

It’s also possible to organize a tournament that only has friends and family as well, something which is recommended if you want to make an IRL get-together as fun as can be.

Why Bowmasters APK is the Best Way To Play

Because Bowmasters APK is a free game on the Google Play Store, it’s obvious that it would have in-game purchases if you want to.

If you want to bypass the grinding, however, it’s possible to use the extremely user friendly Bowmasters to your advantage as well.

bowmasters apk all characters unlocked

Simply select the Bowmasters APK characters feature and start playing as whoever you want!

There’s also the Bowmasters APK free shopping feature which will make all the additional unlockables completely free! Such as character upgrades and more!

In Conclusion

So now that you know why millions of players are playing Bowmasters APK, what’s the wait? Hit the Bowsmasters download button now and start playing this incredible trajectory shooting game with unlimited replayability and become the best marksman there is.


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