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Information of Chikii

Name Chikii
Last version V3.23.1
Category Social
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 75.85 Mb
Developer Chikii Cloud Game

Chikii Apk Download

Video games play a huge role in today's day and time, especially as a hobby. In today's era, we are handed a smartphone from the age that we are able to comprehend colors, sounds, etc. And then we start playing interactive games not soon after. Video Games are then introduced and that is when we find ourselves hooked. From children to adults to even professional video gamers, everyone just wants to play.

chikii app download

There's a whole range of places that you can play from the availability of gaming PCs to gaming arenas. However what happens when the availability of these things is not sufficient? Luckily for you, the Chikii app is here to save the day! It allows you to play PC and computer-programmed games from the comfort of your smartphone, no matter where you are, and the best part is, you do not even need to spend any money on it!

Chikki allows you to play games that usually are only available on PCs on your phone, and it’s really simple too! So, to help you to find out more about the stunning chikki apk app, let's dive straight into this article.

What is Chikii Apk 

Chikii is a fascinating video streaming platform, that allows you to stream video games on your smartphone from virtually anywhere. From bus rides to boring school lectures, to even from just the comfort of your bed, video games are only a tap away.

It gives you a wide variety of PC games to choose from. From GTA, FIFA, and Naturo, to AAA games there is a vast game library for you. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy high-grade graphics, without having to pay for them. There is also a coin system, you can either earn or buy more coins which then allow you to unlock even more games, giving you a more optimum experience. The best thing is that the games you play via the app won't even require or use up any of the storage on your device!

Navigating the Chikii download app is also extremely easy. Simply download the app, create a user profile on the platform, and just click on any game you wish to play. Once you’ve clicked on a game, it’ll put you on a waiting list. You’ll stay on the waiting list as long as the app download is running in the background of your phone. Once it's your turn to play, you’ll be notified and then you can play your game! It's as easy as that!

Chikii Apk Download

The Chikii Apk app is available on google play as well as ios. To install the Chikii apk download android, simply go onto google play and download from there, or you can download it directly via their website. You can also install the Chikki apk download the old version by going to their website and downloading from there.

chikii apk

The Chikii apk download is a relatively safe app. Your data is safe and encrypted. The app is also approved by security apps such as McAfee, so you don't even have to worry about a bug or virus getting into your smartphone!

Chikii Apk Version

The Chikki app also has a version known as the Chikii Apk, providing you with additional benefits for a small price tag. Simply proceed to download the version of the app and get all of its amazing features!

Additional characteristics of the Chikii Apk include features such as faster gameplay, app time, reduced waiting time, increased/ additional coins, featured games, and much more. The additional/ extra coins in turn help you to unlock even more games giving you a vast variety of games.

Features of Chikii Apk

Below is a comprehensive list that specifies the features of our Chikii download latest version file. Keep reading to find out more!

Create Your Own Community

You can now create your own virtual gaming community within the app. The app has a live chat feature, allowing you to communicate and chat with other users. Create new acquaintances, and play games with them!

chikii app

The app also allows you to invite your friends to the app/ game. You can now enjoy gaming with your friends from your smartphones!

Save by Default

The Chikii app saves all of your progress automatically. Saving your progress by default allows you to advance in your games seamlessly without worrying about manually having to save your progress. This also lets you enjoy your game time seamlessly without having to restart.

Earn Points and Coins

The more you play, the more points and coins you earn! Clearing each level gives you more points and coins. Thus the more dedication you show, the more you will be rewarded.

You can also earn coins by watching ads in between. Each ad gives you a specific number of coins, so if you ever see yourself running short of coins you can always just watch a couple of ads to save your day!

You can further use these coins to unlock more games and in turn earn more points and coins. Different games and different levels reward you with a different number of points and coins. So, the more you play, the faster you earn more coins and points too.

Time and Coins

Time is a feature of the Chikii Apk. It is a paid feature that gives you game time. It also reduces your waiting time. Now you can play any game you want anytime you want without having to wait in line!

chikii apk download

The Chikii Apk also gives you coins. This allows you to unlock more games giving you a larger game library to choose from!

Supports External keyboards.

The Chikii apk download 2024 version now supports Bluetooth. This means that you can connect external keyboards and gaming controls for an optimum experience. The Chikki app also has various different built-in gaming buttons for different games, giving users the best gaming experience.


To conclude, if you’re big on gaming and you want to try out new games but don't necessarily want to spend the money on them, or if you simply just want to play video games and you don't own a pc or gaming system yet, this app was made just for you! From amazing graphics, to smooth gameplay and a vast variety of games to choose from, this app has it all.

All in all, the Chikii app gives you a great gaming experience with a wide variety of features to cater to all your gaming needs. Furthermore, it allows you to do all of this from the comfort of your phone, so to play any game at any time, download the Chikii Apk app today by visiting their website or via google play!


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