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Information of Crash of Cars

Name Crash of Cars
Last version V1.8.02
Category Racing
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 186.89 Mb
Developer Not Doppler

Crash of Cars APK

The goal of the game is really simple. Drive around an arena filled with weapons and crowns, and compete among other players aiming for the same. The more crowns you have when you blow up, the more coins you will get at the end. You have got no control on the speed of the car so plan your movements cleverly.

There are various cars you can drive. These include SUVs, ice cream trucks, and other motor vehicles. There are different arenas you can choose ranging from cities to moons. So when you drive try to collect more crowns from any other player to make your room in the leaderboard and earn more coins as the game ends.

Crash of Cars download

You can find weapons floating in the arena and if you are lucky you can find different weapons left by other players lying around. Then launch a bomb or a rocket on your opponents and ascend to victory!

This game is full action packed with cartoony graphics which are very pleasing to the eye and always ensure a delicate overall experience of the game. You can spend the coins you earn in the shop and get different items. There is so much fun packed in this game, have it in the corner of your android smartphone and you will not regret it!

Crash of Cars APK Features

There are a bundle of amazing and enticing features that Crash of Cars come with, come and explore what this game has got to offer!

Crash of Cars apk download

Realtime Multiplayer battles

Crash of Cars APK comes with 8 completely different and unique maps, each with its own distinct aesthetic and graphics. The colors of every map are special in their own way and these different maps make sure that you are not tired of the game by always logging into the same scenery.

Numerous Unlockable Cars

The game is almost never ending with all the awards waiting to be collected and with all the cars yet to be unlocked. There are more than 70 different cars in the game that can be unlocked. Some of these cars are really funny and entertaining, some are oddly cool and satisfying and overall they add to the overall experience of the game. All these cars are unlocked across four different rarities in the game namely; Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Crash of Cars apk download 2022

Customize Your Cars

Once you have unlocked the cars of your choice the fun and thrill does not end there, you can further customize your unlocked cars and make this game completely yours. There are more than 30 different skins that can go along with the cars that are unlocked, choose the ones that you like the most!. If you need a recommendation, Pepperoni skin on the Camper Van is such an amazing and delicious choice to go with.

Upgradable Power-Ups

Since the whole purpose of the game is to defeat your enemies, you can always take help by using the power ups. These power ups are upgradable which means you can make them more powerful as you progress in the game. Good for you that there are 16 different power ups, use them wisely. Some of the common and most favorites of these power ups are  flamethrower, cannon, and trebuchet.

Crash of Cars apk

Play with Friends

Are you thinking you will get tired of playing against bot cars or against some random strangers in the online mode? Do not worry since Crash of Cars has a Play with Friends feature which enables you to play with your own friends! Invite them in and destroy their cars instead.

Mission System

This game does not let you draw out so easily with all of its various modes, each with its own thrills and challenges. The Mission System allows you to play to complete the missions and earn rewards as you thrive on.

Hourly Leaderboard

The game has another interesting and rewarding experience for those who like the chills of competing in the games. There is an hourly leaderboard which shows all the top ranking players in the game. Have you got it in you to show how high you can ascend in the leaderboard? Invite your friends in the game and see who among you is the most powerful and skillful.

Shopping Mode

Like in every favorite game, you would want to be victorious as soon as you can and get all the rewards available. If you are impatient like me who can not wait for eternity and sacrifice for an enormous grind you can always spend some cash and make your life easier. There is a shoppingmode where you can do in-game purchases.

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Single Player Mode

With all the rush and chaos in the multiplayer mode, at one time you will just want to relax and play the game your own way. You might want to spend time exploring different features and strategies of the gameplay. This is where single player mode comes in and lets you play the game alone by yourself for a while.

Frequent Updates

The best thing about this game is that the community is very driven and developers are constantly adding new content to the game and making it even more interesting than yesterday. You will always be hooked and waiting for what awaits you. This is another factor that makes this game almost wholesome for the fans of bumping racing games.

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Crash Of Cars APK Download for Free!

If you are a fan of cars and arcade/combat games, Crash Of Cars is definitely a pick. This game is neither very demanding nor very hectic, it is a smooth ride to entertaining that you can play to relax a bit and witness how you thrive little by little every day. So download it right away!


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