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Information of Cx File Explorer

Name Cx File Explorer
Last version V2.2.5
Category Tools
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 8.36 Mb
Developer Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer Apk Download

The Cx File Explorer app for Android is a robust file manager that will save you time and effort while working with your files and folders. Cx File Explorer app is a modern and user-friendly interface that simplifies navigating your computer's file system.

It has a lot of different functions, so you can trust that you'll have everything you need to clean up your Android smartphone and make it more organized. Cx File Explorer Apk allows you to view, modify, and exchange files in a wide variety of formats.

cx file explorer apk download

It's one of the least resource-intensive and fastest-working file managers because of its highly optimized interface. Use it on an Android smartphone running version 5.0 or above for optimal performance.

Cx File Explorer APK: Why You Need It

Most smartphones come with preinstalled file management software from the manufacturer. But the functionality and capabilities of these built-in file managers are frequently inadequate. To address this need, Cx File Explorer was developed.

If you're looking for a file manager for Android, go no further than Cx File Explorer. You can make the most of your Android smartphone thanks to its straightforward layout and user-friendly navigation. When it comes to managing your files and folders, Cx File Explorer has you covered with a variety of valuable tools.

All in all, Cx File Explorer is an excellent tool for increasing efficiency, enhancing the appearance of your smartphone, and reducing clutter.

An Efficient Analyzer

The analyzer in Cx File Explorer is a strong tool for determining how your computer handles its storage. Upon completion of the scan, a detailed report of your device's file and folder structure will be generated. This method lets you see which files and folders are eating up your storage space.

cx file explorer download

Furthermore, the analyzer will also offer you extensive information about your files. The file size, type, and location are all included. Knowing this, you may pick and choose which files to preserve and which to discard. This way, you may make better use of your device's memory by removing unnecessary files.

Unique Features of Cx File Explorer

This Application is jam-packed with amazing features that you must explore. Features of our Cx File Explorer download file are as follows:

Organize Files/Folders

This program offers various features that will assist you in keeping your files and folders in order. For instance, you may organize your files by making new folders, reorganizing your existing ones, and deleting things that you no longer need

The fact that you can rename, move, copy, compress, extract, and delete files directly from the app is a major plus. Using this method, you won't need to switch between several applications to do the above-mentioned activities, saving you both time and effort.

Quickly Navigate Your Files

The clean design of Cx File Explorer makes it a breeze to navigate your file system. It organizes your files into a tree structure for easy viewing and access. It also has a search feature that may help you locate certain documents.

The software can handle many tabs at once. This makes it possible to navigate between directories without leaving the current one. That way, you can increase efficiency while cutting down on wasted time.

cx file explorer apk

Access All Cloud Storage Files

Your whole cloud storage may be accessed with Cx File Explorer. These services include Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. This convenient function makes it simple to upload and download data from the cloud to your various devices.

Files may be downloaded, uploaded, and deleted without leaving the app. You'll have better control over your cloud data this way.

Features of Recycle Bin      

Deleted files may be stored indefinitely in the Recycle Bin until they are permanently removed. The files you've accidentally deleted may be quickly restored from the Recycle Bin. This will aid users in reducing the likelihood of accidental data loss.

With Recycle Bin, you may schedule the automated deletion of all unnecessary after a specific time period. The typical retention period for a file in this directory is 30 days, after which it will be permanently removed. Because let’s be honest, if you don’t use a file for 30 days, you probably won’t need it ever.

Simple File Sharing

Cx File Explorer simplifies the process of sending and receiving files. Simply add the recipients' email addresses under the "Share" option to send files to them through email.

An additional feature is its ability to generate a shareable link for each individual file. There will be no limitations on the size of the files you send this way. Cx File Explorer is a great tool for teamwork because of its convenient file-sharing features.

cx file explorer app

Easy to Access All Files on NAS

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a method of storing and sharing data that operates through a network connection. The files on your NAS are made easily accessible with Cx File Explorer.

In order to access your NAS, you may connect through FTP, SFTP, LAN, FTPS, SMB/CIFS, or WebDAV, since the program is compatible with all of these protocols. In addition, you may use FTP to connect your desktop or laptop computer to your smartphone and manage it remotely.

Applications Can Be Handled With Ease

Additionally, Cx File Explorer lets you control all of your app libraries with ease. App details like storage use, permissions, and version numbers are all available for inspection. You may also remove applications directly from the Cx File Explorer app.

With this method, you may quickly and simply remove unused applications from your mobile device. Moreover, you may make folders to set your apps in order. By doing so, you can keep your app drawer neat and tidy, and still quickly access the applications you use most often.

cx file explorer download free

What's New in the Most Recent Version?

  • Recently updated in December 2022
  • Corrections of bugs and slight enhancements.
  • Improved Android 13 compatibility
  • Allows for the storage of backed-up, segmented APKs and is compatible with Dropbox for Workgroups.


CX File Explorer Apk is a must-have solution for everyone who loves saving time and wants to manage their files effectively. It lets you access all of your files in one location and simply share them with others. It also has a number of features that make it even handier.

That's why CX File Explorer Apk is the finest option if you're seeking a program to aid with your file management needs. Quickly and easily access all of CX File Explorer's features by downloading the CX File Explorer download free file from the link below


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