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Information of Eversoul

Name Eversoul
Last version V1.10.13
Category Role Playing
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 146.27 Mb
Developer Kakao Games Corp.

Eversoul APK Download

Anime inspired games are a dime a dozen at this point, but not many of them come close to the level of finesse that Eversoul APK 2024 has. Although some might see it as ‘just another gacha game’, anime fans all over the world are already calling Eversoul APK one of the best mobile games of 2024, even though it came out of pre download back on January 5th, which wasn’t too long ago.

After all, why shouldn’t they? Not only does Eversoul APK have a super compelling story that just grips you in and urges you to play more and more, but the gameplay itself is also immersive and fun without being needlessly complicated.

eversoul apk 2023


All this is without even mentioning the stunning visuals and attractive character designs for souls, the characters in Eversoul APK 2024. If you’re a fan of games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact, then you’ll love Eversoul APK.

Eversoul APK’s Story

If you thought Eversoul APK’s story was going to be a run of the mill average and boring one, then you’re wrong. You, the player, are transported to the magical and wondrous world of Eden as its savior.

Summon beautiful souls and lead them into battle against ugly yet deadly monsters. The more missions you complete, the harder the difficulty of the enemies gets until you eventually come across boss encounters.

eversoul apk download

Defeat every evil that threatens the world of Eden and become the savior this world needs in Eversoul APK. Hey, maybe along the way you’ll make relationships with some souls that will be everlasting.

How Does Eversoul APK Play

The gameplay is where Eversoul APK 2024 really shines. There are four sections to the gameplay.

Real Time Strategic Battles

The first is the strategic real time battles that you have to do against enemies using your collected souls.

You choose which souls to use as well as where to place the souls.  Pick the right placements and lead your team to victory, all the while ensuring that the enemy you’re facing gets taken out with limited casualty from your side.

eversoul download android 2023

Enhance the level of your souls by leveling them up to not only better their battle stats, but also give them new and unique abilities that you’ll then be able to use in battle to dominate the battlefield.


The second section is that of the typical gacha gameplay. Of course, you don’t have all the souls unlocked right from the get go. Instead, you have to ‘roll’ for characters, and which one you get is completely dependent on luck.

Either use all the currency you have in a hail mary all the while hoping you’re able to score some high level and high rarity souls or wait for good banners or discounts to come around to bump up your chances of getting a specific soul you want.

Dating Simulator

The third gameplay section is similar to a typical dating simulator. Because every soul has their own unique art style and personality, you’re given the chance to speak to all of them and get to know them individually.

If you like the appearance or personality of a soul, then you could even start a relationship with them and give them gifts or talk to them more. Every soul is their own person, and there’s a character in Eversoul APK for everyone.

eversoul apk

The usual order of things you’ll have to follow is that the soul will ask you questions, and you’ll be given two choices. Pick the one you think suits the personality of the soul you’re talking to best, and you’ll be able to improve your relationship with them. Pick the wrong one, however, and you might make the relationship worse.

Town Building

If you’ve played games similar to Cult of the Lamb or the Sims, then you’ll be familiar with how the town building aspect works in this game. Everyone needs some time to cool off and relax, and this game gives you the perfect way to do so.

You are given your own tiny town where all the souls you have collected live. Here, you’re able to change the appearance to your liking, all the while being able to interact with all the residents of the town.

Lose yourself in this charming and unique town building system of Eversoul APK 2024 that you’ll be hard pressed to find in any game of the same or similar genre.

eversoul download android

Eversoul APK With Friends

One of the best things about Eversoul APK is that you can also play with or against friends. Climb the arena leaderboards by completing quests and dungeons, face off against dangerous bosses with your guildmates, and go on dungeons for a complete PvP and PvE experience.

If direct encounters aren’t your thing, then instead of this, compare how high you can climb on the leaderboards with your friends. Aim for the top with your friends and loved ones for some friendly competition.

Eversoul APK’s Charming Art Style

As soon as you click the Eversoul download Android version button and run the game, you’ll be greeted by a charming anime inspired art style. One thing to note, however, is that the game isn’t Japanese, but is instead available in English, Korean, and Chinese (traditional) languages only.

eversoul download

If you’ve played games like Genshin Impact, then you’ll find many similarities in the art style of the two games. Every soul character is designed in such a way that you can instantly tell the difference between every character by taking just one look at them. Some are gorgeous, while others are cute. Some have fox ears, while others have cat tails.

Save the World of Eden

Now that you know what a majestic experience awaits you, what’s the wait? Press the Eversoul APK download button today, and jump into the magical world of Eden to show all the souls waiting for you that their world can still be saved, and you’ll be the one saving it.


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