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Information of Family Simulator

Name Family Simulator
Last version V9.2
Category Role Playing
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 94.14 Mb
Developer Mighty Game Studio

Family Simulator 2024

Family Simulator - Virtual Mom is a mobile game published by Mighty Game Studios. The game is set in a 3D world where you have to complete levels as a dad, mom, and children. It is a sort of role-playing game that allows the player to make out different scenarios in their heads while playing the game.

The game features a son and a daughter alongside their parents who complete various tasks on their journey to finish the game. If you take a deep look into it, this game teaches us a lot about why we need to keep the family nucleus intact and why the role of both the mom and the dad is so important in one’s life while growing up.

family simulator apk download

Family Simulator APK is a free-to-download game on both android and IOS devices. It is usually a game for kids that teaches them manners as well as how to do certain day-to-day tasks in their lives. However, parents can also play this game to pass their time or learn new creative things to do in their household.


The game features amazing 3D graphics that make sure your child is totally immersed in the world of Family Simulator APK. The game has various animations for different tasks that you perform in the game.

Now, if you’re a hardcore PC gamer, you might think that the graphics of this game are not that good. However, children don’t really care about realistic graphics. The graphics that Family Simulator APK provides are more than enough to make your child immersed in them.

It is a first-person game that offers a third-person view from time to time. The graphics of this game can be compared to Surgeon Simulator, so if you’ve played that game, you would know what to expect from it.


The ease of use of the mechanics in Family Simulator - Virtual Mom is truly astonishing. The game features a simple up and down left to right control pad on the screen that can be used to move in any direction you want.

family simulator apk

Aside from that, there are certain other buttons that appear on the screen whenever you need them on a level. The controls of this game are specifically designed for kids because this game is rated for 3+ year-olds. Since children of that age can’t really use difficult mechanics, the game is designed to accommodate them.

All the buttons in Family Simulator are virtual and you do not need any kind of external controller to play this game. Plus, a child of that age wouldn’t really know what to do with a controller.


This is a pretty basic game that does not have any additional bells or whistles to it. The game features a very basic level-based system in which the player has to complete levels in order to progress further.

There are countless amounts of levels in this game to ensure that your child is never bored while playing this game, and the content just never ends. The game has different types of levels, for example, there are about 20 levels in the “morning routine” section and more levels in other sections.

This is done in order to teach your child the things they need to do in their day-to-day lives ranging from morning routines all the way up to getting ready for school etc.

However, this game doesn’t only follow the life of the kids. The game also follows the lives of the parents to teach the child what their parents have to go through all day in their households.

family simulator download

Design Of The Levels

All of the levels in this game are set in a certain house. This house features a living room, TV lounge, and a room for the parents as well as the children. The game is designed in a way that would make it very easy for a little child to navigate through the entire house.

The tasks inside these levels are also quite simple. On each level, you’re asked to perform a specific task. These tasks range from setting your bed, cleaning your room, getting ready for school, etc.

You’re also asked to perform tasks that are done by the parents such as cleaning the toilet, making breakfast, serving breakfast, looking after the kids, etc. Once a task is completed, your level is also completed and the game moves you on to the next one.

Why You Should Download Family Simulator APK

As previously stated, the game teaches the player about the importance of the family nucleus in the life of a human being. The game also teaches moral values and manners to the children. 

This is the way of modern life, these days, children learn more from their handheld devices than they do from their parents. So if your child has a smartphone or tablet and you wish for them to learn healthy habits from it, be sure to download Family Simulator-Virtual Mom and teach them a thing or two about how a household really works.

family simulator free game

Although the game is available on both android and IOS, there are some minor differences in both of them. On IOS the age rating for this game is for 4+ year-olds compared to android’s 3+ year-olds. Also, the name of the game on IOS devices is changed from Family Simulator - Virtual Mom to “Virtual Mom and Dad Simulator”


Overall, Family Simulator APK is a pretty healthy game that one’s child can play. The game features zero adult content or any type of profanity. However, the game does have a lot of ads in it because it is a free-to-play game. One tip for turning off the ads in any game you play is to put your phone on airplane mode or just turn off its internet access before starting the game.

That being said, we want to finish this article by saying that you should always keep an eye on what your kids are watching on their devices as well as monitor their usage. It’s better for them to get less time playing video games and more time playing outside or doing other healthier activities.


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