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Information of Fifa Mobile World Cup 2022

Name Fifa Mobile World Cup 2022
Last version V18.0.02
Category Sports
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 178MB
Developer Electronic Arts

FIFA Mobile World Cup 2022 APK

Although the FIFA World Cup of 2022 has come to an end, football fans all around the world still crave more football content. And even though you can’t watch live FIFA anymore, you can still experience it firsthand in the new game called FIFA Mobile 2022.

Fill the shoes of your favorite football player and play as your favorite team as you strive to climb the ranks, win every match, defeat any team that stands in your way, and claim your spot in the finals so you could bring it home.

fifa mobile world cup 2022 apk download

FIFA Mobile was initially released on 11 October 2016 but it has constantly been updated ever since its release. This is to be expected, especially since EA Games themselves are behind this excellent mobile game.

FIFA Mobile 2022

The latest iteration of the FIFA mobile game, FIFA Mobile 2022 APK is set in Qatar, just like the original 2022 FIFA World Cup. Although this is a mobile game, it still gives you an amazing feeling of immersiveness that rarely any mobile game provides.

This game lets you play as your favorite football player and the amazing commentary is just the cherry on top. You could spend countless hours in this game and still not get bored due to how rewarding it is

fifa mobile world cup 2022 apk

As you level up, you unlock different players as well as new skills to go along with those players. There are countless upgrades that you can do to your players and a lot of team formations as well.

In this game, you need to correctly assign players to their precise positions. For example, a Qarterback player must not be assigned to the Running Back as his performance won’t be the same as if he was playing Quarterback. By assigning the correct position to your players, you improve the overall rating of your team and it makes your team a force to be reckoned with.


You don’t really need a high-end mobile device in order to download FIFA Mobile World Cup 2022 APK. However, if you want to play this game on its highest settings, you at least need a mid to high-end device.

Although the graphics of FIFA Mobile are good for a mobile game, you shouldn’t get your hopes up if you’re coming from a different platform like PC or Console. A sample of FIFA Mobile’s graphics is in the picture below:

fifa mobile world cup 2022 download android

Note: This picture does not fully justify the graphics of FIFA Mobile as it is just a screenshot, so be sure to play the game and see the graphics for yourself.

Although these graphics might pale in comparison to those of modern consoles sich as FIFA 23 for the PS5, you’d be hard pressed looking for a mobile football game that comes even close to the visual prowess of FIFA Mobile World Cup 2022.


The Controls of FIFA Mobile APK are quite easy to use. With your left hand, you can control the movement of your player and with your right, you can perform various tasks such as sprinting, tackling, shooting, etc.

Although the controls are easy to use, in order to master them fully, you need to spend some time learning them, because as we all know, “Practice makes a man perfect”.

That being said, it’s not like the game just drops you into a match to wander around and figure it out on your own. They have a proper tutorial program set at the beginning of the game that helps you understand the controls of this game much better.

fifa mobile world cup 2022 download free android

And if the tutorial wasn’t clear enough for you to understand, we would recommend watching some YouTube guides about this topic.

How To Become A Good FIFA Mobile Player?

Since no one is born a pro, we would recommend you to play as many games as possible and level up your profile. This would help you in unlocking various new skills that would make it much easier for you to score a win for your team.

One thing many players do is that they abuse the slide tackle option the game gives you, which leads to their players getting yellows, or maybe red cards. Slide tackles should be saved until the moment is right, and even then you should be as careful as possible.

fifa mobile world cup 2022 download

Another thing to keep in mind is that no one has ever become a master of something while practicing by themselves. So make sure you watch a lot of YouTube content on FIFA Mobile to see how the pros do it.

Don’t Be Ravenous For a Goal

While the objective of the game is to score as many goals as possible, you have to keep in mind that it won’t matter in the end if your goal ends up being blocked. Plus this would also place the ball in the hands of the opposing team and not yours.

So, take your time, plan out your strategy and only try to go for a goal if you see an opening. Also remember that it’ll take some time for you to fully grasp the concept of player placement and strategizing, so be sure to practice as much as possible.

fifa mobile world cup 2022 apk download free

Remember, passing is one of the most crucial parts of FIFA Mobile World Cup 2022 APK. After all, one player, no matter who it is, hell could even be Ronaldo or Messi, but it’s impossible for them to win alone against the entire team.

Final Words!

FIFA Mobile was EA Sports’s attempt at making an enjoyable football game for the mobile players and they succeeded in that. For football fans that don’t have the luxury of time of sitting down to play a football game on their PCs/Consoles, EA Sports have come up with this great solution and we hope they continue to make great football games as time passes on.


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