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Information of Gacha Star

Name Gacha Star
Last version V2.5
Category Role Playing
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 210 MB
Developer Lunime

Gacha Star Apk Download for Android

Gacha star apk is a free role-playing game (RPG) for Android that includes updated customized content for the Gacha Club app. It invites everyone to social gaming by combining gacha components with the most entertaining and amusing activities. It also has a unique and in-depth fashion system that allows players to design their most beautiful avatars using their limitless imagination.

Lunime powers and sponsors Gacha star apk. They make simulation and role-playing games. After the wildly popular release of prior products. The corporation decided to launch this gaming platform. The game's file was published just months ago. However, owing to the game's various constraints, many players are unable to utilize all of its features. Players may need a subscription to access these resources.

As a result, all of the players' concerns and requirements were addressed and we were successful in making this mode version accessible to gamers. The Gacha star download apk android file may be accessed and downloaded with a single click from this page.

gacha star download android

When it comes to the features of this game file. The majority of game functionalities may then be customized and managed directly from the main screen. This implies that gamers may alter and adjust any component to meet their own requirements.

What Is Gacha Star Apk?

Gacha star apk is a game developed by Lunime Games. The creation of Gacha star apk download was motivated by the popularity of Gacha Life. It was published a few months ago, and the apk was quickly followed by a surge in the Android Market.

Gacha Star Apk Android is quite popular among children because of its excellent visuals and simple design, which provides kids with a real-time experience. Because of these distinguishing elements, the game is becoming popular among adults.

When you are satisfied with your character's concept and design, you may enter studio mode and let your creativity run wild. You may now customize your character with a wide variety of objects, backdrops, pets, and outfits.

To make the game more engaging, experts incorporated more than 180 combat units with four various modes such as tower mode, narrative mode, and so on. In addition, by spending money and gems, players may develop their characters to gain new talents.

Gacha Star Apk Features

This game is packed with incredible options that you must explore. Features of our Gacha star download android file are as follows:

Enjoy Gacha World

Gacha Worlds are imagined to be social hubs where individuals of all ages and backgrounds may come together to socialize and have fun. In particular, the creative minigames or other activities included will inspire players to take an active role in earning a variety of rewards.

gacha star apk

Customize the Characters

When players initially enter the game, the first thing they must do is build and personalize their first character using a variety of amazing styles. Here, you are free to choose whatever you like. This game offers a wide variety of customization options, including presets, a customizable, body, head, wardrobe, and much more. There are so many options for customization available.

  • Create ten main characters and ninety other characters.
  • You can alter the colors of practically all of your things.
  • There are almost 600 poses to pick from.
  • You may easily adjust the appearance of your character's eyes, hair, physique, and other features.
  • There are hundreds of animals and accessories to pick from.
  • Create unique profiles for each of your characters.
  • Characters from your friends can be imported and exported.

Studio Mode

Studio mode allows you to create your own environments for usage in-game. After you've customized your characters, you may use them in the scenarios you've created. You can then choose a backdrop, add pets, and do a variety of other things.

There are more than 15 scenarios available, and you can even customize the experience by adding narration. You may have your characters freely interact with one another here. The 10 available characters can be placed anywhere on the display.

gacha star download
  • You may customize the setting by inserting your preferred pets and props.
  • There are several options for both the backdrop and the foreground.
  • Make your own text boxes to let your characters (and their pets) communicate with one another.
  • Add a narrator to your scenes to make them more storylike.
  • Up to fifteen scenes may be saved and loaded at any one time.
  • Use the presets to swiftly experiment with a new look for your face.

Battles and Mini-Games

This game also features a number of minigames that you may play when you feel bored. Complete tasks in this game to get awards. Fighting with other players is considered an additional pastime with unlimited thrill to provide everyone with as much emotional stimulation as possible. The combat is fast-paced, yet the style is basic, so it is seen as additional stuff for enjoyment. It also offers hefty prizes.

Additional Features

  • The game is available for free download.
  • Many important functions are provided via game integration.
  • Various anime characters are included.
  • Hairstyles, eyes, skin tone, and other details are all included in the designs.
  • There are ten major characters and 90 more characters to choose from.
  • It allows for third-party advertising.
  • The gaming interface is straightforward and 2D.
  • There is no registration.
  • No subscriptions.
  • Level 10 and above characters may be easily imported and exported in a customized profile.
  • There are 180 distinct kinds of combat units.
  • With various pets, you can regulate your stats.


The second Associate's Degree in Graphics in Anime Vogue has been finished with the Gacha Star Apk. It makes perfect sense given that gacha is the Japanese word for the toy vending machine. The visuals always appear to be sharp and are in HD quality. Each of your tales is engaging and enjoyable owing to the diverse cast of people that you create.

gacha star apk download


We are confident that you have found the correct site to find out the Gacha star download free file.

If you're a great fan of Gacha and want the newest customized version where everything you need to play, including Skins, Hair, Customizer, Characters, and Pets, are already , we recommend that you download the Gacha Star apk.

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