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Information of GTA 3

Name GTA 3
Last version V1.9
Category Action
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Size 1.2 GB
Developer Rockstar Games

GTA 3 APK Download

Who hasn’t heard of one of, if not THE most popular gaming series of all time, Grand Theft Auto? Well, years before their smash hit GTA 5 came out, which still earns Rockstar millions of dollars every year, they had installments such as GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and the one you can download here right now, GTA 3.

gta 3 apk download

GTA 3 APK is what has come to be known as a part of the original trilogy of GTA games that defined the golden era of Rockstar Games, and there’s no surprise as to why. Many people look back at it fondly as a part of their childhood, and with GTA 3 APK download, you can relive it all over again.

What is the Story of GTA 3 APK

If you’ve ever played a Grand Theft Auto game, then you know exactly what awaits you in GTA 3 mobile. At the start of the game, your character Claude is robbing a bank with her then girlfriend Catalina, but ends up being backstabbed in the traditional GTA fashion, resulting in him getting caught by the police.

Whilst being transported, however, the police van you’re in gets blown up, and a series of crime filled events ensue. As Claude, it is up to you to make connections in the crime filled Liberty City in order to not only grow big enough to lead your own crime empire but also to get the chance to get revenge on the person who almost ruined your entire life.

gta 3 download android

Every character you come across in GTA 3 mobile is unique and has a story of its own. By visiting them again and again and completing missions for them for cash and other rewards, you’ll progress in their specific story section to find out more about them and their circumstances, Who knows, you might find some easter eggs from future or past GTA entries as well.

Perhaps the best thing about GTA 3 APK is that completing specific missions even affects the real world. Say, for example, you get a mission where you have to take out the boss of an extremely influential crime family. After completing the mission, you’ll see a sudden increase in hostile gang members that will attack you at first sight.

How Does GTA 3 APK Play

As soon as you click the GTA 3 download android button and load into the world of Liberty City, you’ll notice that you’ll have enough freedom to do whatever you want however you want to do it.

Want to steal a car? Go ahead. Want to take part in a race? Why not. Want to horde as many weapons as you can so that you can breeze through the entire GTA 3 APK story? You can do that before even leaving the first island.

Speaking of islands, the map of liberty city will show multiple islands, but you’ll only have access to the first section of the map at the start of the game. As you progress in the GTA 3 mobile story, you’ll eventually gain access to more parts of the map until the entire world literally becomes your oyster.

gta 3 apk

Of course, you don’t have to progress in the main story instantly. Instead, there are so many minor tasks you can accomplish to make it feel like you really are Claude in the city of Liberty City trying to establish your own crime empire. These tasks can range from minor ones such as becoming a taxi driver to rack up some chump change to driving an ambulance and picking up injured civilians to earn health related rewards for doing good.

GTA 3 APK Controls

Since GTA 3 Mobile download installs the mobile version of the game, you can’t use a controller to play the game like you would on a console. However, fear not, as Rockstar Games is known to be one of the leading video game developers for a reason.

They have implemented an extremely smooth and fluid touch screen layout that will make you forget you’re even playing on a mobile device and not a console. Of course, it will take some getting used to at first, but as soon as you get the hang of it you’ll start playing as naturally as you would on a controller.

There are several on screen widgets and buttons that you have to tap on to make your character, Claude, perform actions. There are dedicated buttons for moving, jumping, aiming, shooting, and stealing cars. Fortunately, that’s all you need to play the game without any worries.

gta 3 download free

Of course, if you still don’t like the touch controls (after all, they aren’t for everyone) then you can always download and install one of the many mods that make it possible to use your controller to play the game.

Old is Visually Gold

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that GTA 3 download free must look like an extremely old game because it originally came out so many years ago. Well, we’re here to tell you that isn’t the case.

Although you can’t expect it to compete with games that launch today on modern consoles, GTA 3 APK still looks significantly better than pretty much any mobile game you can find. Although the visuals have aged a bit, there’s a certain charm in playing it as is. It’s almost as if we’re reliving a significant part of gaming history.

All the cars in the game look unique and you can tell the difference between them instantly. All the unique characters in the game also have their own identities and specific looks that make them memorable and easily recognizable.

gta 3 download

As for the in game fictional world of Liberty City, it might not be as visually pleasing as GTA 5 made it out to be, but it’s still a sight to behold. Every corner of the city has something special, and by the end of the game, you’ll be able to easily recognize every corner of the map.

Play it Now

With all that being said, click on the GTA 3 download free button today, and jump into the amazing world that Rockstar Games masterfully crafted all the way back in 2001. Relive the historical game that influenced so many of the games you play today, and realize how far gaming has come in the past 20+ years.


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