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Information of GTA Vice City

Name GTA Vice City
Last version V1.12
Category Arcade
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Size 1.4 GB
Developer Rockstar Games

GTA Vice City APK

Rockstar Games initially released GTA Vice City on October 29, 2002, for PC and consoles. However, after the popularization of smartphones, Rockstar Games quickly seized an opportunity to release GTA Vice City APK for android and IOS users.

gta vice city apk android

On mobile phones, the game plays exactly like it would on PC. There are literally no differences in gameplay aside from a few control changes. That being said, control changes are to be expected since on PC, you’re playing with an entire keyboard and mouse but on mobiles, you’re playing with virtual buttons.

GTA Vice City Gameplay

GTA Vice City APK is an open-world action game that is designed to entertain players for hours on end. There are a lot of missions that players need to complete in order to progress in the game. To get to the end of the game, players need to complete dozens of these missions and defeat the main villain of the story.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The game can get quite challenging for players that have not played this game in the old days. Veteran players of GTA Vice City know every location of this game by memory, however, new players would find it a bit difficult to navigate through the entire map in the beginning.

gta vice city apk free download

There are also a lot of side missions in the game that you don’t necessarily have to complete in order to end the game but they give us some good insight into our main character Tommy Vercetti.

GTA Vice City Story

The story of GTA Vice City APK 2024 follows our main character Tommy Vercetii. After spending some time in jail for his boss, Tommy Vercetti gets out and screws up a business deal. After the screw-up, Tommy owes a lot of money to his boss and now he must find a way to earn that money so he can pay back his boss.

However, as we progress into the game and learn that it was in fact his boss that set up that business deal to fail from the beginning, Tommy’s heart changes and he refuses to pay his boss. Now his boss wants to come to Vice City to kill Tommy and take all of Tommy’s assets and properties for himself.

Tommy must earn his name around the city and make new connections that would further fuel his conquest of Vice City. During this time, Tommy meets a lot of new people, some of which betray him and some stay true to his side.

gta vice city apk

Besides the main storyline, there are a lot of side stories that also show us the world that Tommy Vercetti lives in and how all of this affects him as a person.

GTA Vice City Graphics

At the time of its initial release, GTA Vice City’s graphics were considered to be the best in the market. However, as time passes and more and more advancements get made in technology, old graphics just don’t feel realistic anymore.

That being said, for a mobile game, the graphics of GTA Vice City are still one of the best in the market. The game offers 3D graphics which were a new thing in the early 2000s. Aside from that, the game has good animation such as blood stains, car damage, etc.

The color scheme of Vice City is also top-notch. Every piece of clothing that Tommy wears and each car that he drives has its own unique detail to it. Overall, the graphics of GTA Vice City are pretty good looking and for a mobile game, they still hold to this day.

GTA Vice City Features

Besides a good storyline and amazing graphics, GTA Vice City APK 2024 has a lot of astonishing features in it.

For starters, the game has over 30 weapons that the players can choose from and all of these weapons have their own unique design and usage. That being said, the player can only carry up to ten weapons at a time. To carry more, he has to let go of one of his previous weapons and only then he can pick up a new one.

gta vice city apk download

There are no limits to the amount of ammo that Tommy can carry, however, after attaining a specific amount of ammo for any gun, the ammo bar would disappear for that weapon. That being said, this does not mean that you now have infinite ammo, this just means that the game could not display the amount of ammo you had on the screen.

Secondly, there are a lot of cars that a player can choose from. There are approximately 100 cars in the game GTA Vice City. All of these cars have different driving styles to them. Some are faster and some are slower, some are two-seaters and some are four-seaters, some handle better while others are a bit everywhere.

In GTA Vice City APK Android, you cannot hold on to any particular car. After being parked at a random spot for a certain period of time, these cars would disappear. In order for you to save these cars and drive them whenever you want, you need to get a safe house with a garage attached to it, any car parked in the garage would never disappear as long as it stays in the garage.

Cheat Codes

The game has a lot of cheat codes that can be used to hack the game. The cheat codes allow the player to get as many weapons as they want or to get a particular car. In order to insert these cheat codes in the game, the players need to type a specific key combination on their keyboard.

gta vice city apk download for android free

Now, you might think that this is not possible on a smartphone since you don’t have a keyboard. However, there are a lot of applications that can be used to insert a fake virtual keyboard in GTA Vice City. These applications can be downloaded from the Play Store or any APK site on the internet.


On the Play Store, GTA Vice City APK is not a free-to-download game. However, you can use many APK sites on the internet to download GTA Vice City APK 2024 android for free. And As we’ve previously discussed, the game is quite entertaining and the storyline has at least 7 hours of consistent gameplay to it.

So consider downloading GTA Vice City on your android devices for free from APK sites.


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