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Information of Hungry Shark Evolution

Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Last version V11.3.0
Category Arcade
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 186.57 Mb
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment

An In-Depth Description of Hungry Shark Evolution APK

In Hungry Shark Evolution APK, take control of a powerful shark with a growing appetite, and try to survive as long as you can by devouring anything and everyone that gets in your way. If you feed and raise your shark, it only counts. Immerse yourself in this shark game to meet the shark that was combined with a T-Rex. Discover the undersea environment and help sharks like the Megalodon and Great White evolve! Feed your sea monster and use it to attack.

Each animal in the wide animal world is classified according to its appearance, and size, or if it is actively hunting, sharks are no different. The number of sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution APK is immense. These species were created using a blend of components from actual life and human imagination.

hungry shark evolution versão antiga

You will learn about the fundamental sharks when you initially sign up for the game. The Reef Shark, which is the first shark you train, is a little shark. Over time, it becomes larger and larger, becoming the Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark, and Great White Shark. The larger sharks will always be better than the lesser kinds in every manner, and they also award more cash and points. Additionally, players may utilize gold to increase their biting, speed, and acceleration skills after each shark.

You must pay attention to the blue HP bar in the right corner of the screen while you play the game. Over time, your HP bar will become lower, and eating other fish will charge it up. Certain objects, nevertheless, have the direct ability to cause the shark to bleed out. Be cautious around the torpedoes in the water, also the sting of a jellyfish or stingray can potentially result in bleeding.

The gameplay of Hungry Shark Evolution APK 2024

All you have to do to control the shark as it hunts for prey is by pressing the virtual button. You can go more quickly and devour more fish by placing another finger on the screen. Unlike in previous version of the game, Hungry Shark Evolution versao antiga, gold Rush will start after you have gathered a specific amount of food. Players will have access to more abilities during the Gold Rush like accelerating, briefly becoming immortal and converting everything into money.

You can survive with a baby shark! Make it evolve so that it can use all of its abilities and combine various shark species. Take off! With a companion by your side, the wide world is less isolating. Also, remember to eat! By the way, playing is possible without an internet connection.

Hungry Shark Evolution download

Even if your adventures will leave you hungry, you can evolve by finding enough humans in the sinking ships. You devour humans, don't be passive; attack. Who knows what you might discover? a push to evolution? new pet shark? Enjoy the beauty of non-Wi-Fi gaming, focus on feeding your shark, and explore the aquatic creatures! Play Hungry Shark Evolution 2024 and become a part of evolution stories.

As you eat, make an effort to gather as many clamshells from the cliffs as you can. They contain the side missions that Hungry shark Evolution Menu assigns to you. You may acquire extra gaming features and a lot more money by completing the mission.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution APK

Wondering how you can fully enjoy Hungry Shark Evolution APK dinheiro infinito, then you have come to the right place. Our site offers a mified version of this game, this way players with access to more fun features and advantages for an enhanced gaming experience. With our mified version, you will be able to enjoy benefits, some of which are explained below.

Hungry Shark Evolution apk download

Features of Hungry World Evolution APK

Now that you know about Hungry World Evolution APK download. Let us look at some of the exciting features this game has to offer.

  • Baby sharks: In Hungry shark Evolution download, baby sharks imitate pets. They accompany you while you swim and aid in your effort to eat more. Utilize them as much as you can. They do, of course, require money. A newborn Megalodon costs 900 gems, whereas a baby Mako shark costs as little as 20 gems. Most of them are expensive and require coins.
  • Level up: Just eating is not enough for your shark to level up, but you will still require more than this, make sure that you're also concentrating on gathering enough coins as well. You'll need enough coins to level them up. Make sure you start collecting enough coins early so to maintain savings as your shark develops with coins. This will be somewhat offset by the fact that you'll be able to eat bigger stuff when you level up.
    Hungry Shark Evolution apk
  • Beating Submarines: Your most dangerous opponent in the game is a submarine. If you approach them too closely, they have the power to kill you. However, there is a technique to defeat them. Simply charging directly into the front of a submarine will do the trick to destroy it. Although it may seem like suicide and might do a ton of harm to your shark, this is the only method to beat them. The secret is to ambush the sub and catch it off guard.
  • The Megalodon: The Megalodon is the best shark in Hungry Shark Evolution APK Latest Version and can consume mines, boats, and jellyfish without suffering any damage, as you probably already figured out. The legendary Megalodon is the only shark that naturally outperforms the other sharks even though you may buy goods to make other sharks immune to mines and jellyfish.


There you have it; all you need to know about Hungry Shark Evolution menu. Learning about the many kinds of sharks and the waters through this game is fascinating and enjoyable. Apart from those listed above, there are still a ton of more features to enjoy and explore, and the only way to discover them is to download this game from our website. You may play the game Hungry Shark Evolution APK download whenever and anywhere you choose. You can quickly get hungry for Shark Evolution APK because of its straightforward and stress-free download method.


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