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Information of Lifting Hero

Name Lifting Hero
Last version V45.0.0
Category Casual
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Size 132.44 Mb
Developer Rollic Games

Lifting Hero APK Download

Imagine a world where the more you worked out and built muscles, the richer you were. Well, that’s exactly what the concept of Lifting Hero APK is. Start off as a scrawny man, then work out until you’re bigger than the Empire State Building.

Lifting Hero APK is a super addictive mobile game experience, where the aim of the game is to make enough muscles (which is the currency of this game) so you could purchase bigger and bigger objects.

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See how big you can get using the in game score counter, which can then be compared with your friends to see who deserves to be called the true lifting hero.

How to Play Lifting Hero APK

The gameplay of Lifting Hero APK is easy yet addictive. As soon as you click on that Lifting Hero APK download button, your character will start off as a thin man with no muscles at all.

You will have to purchase the smallest weights you can and lift them to make muscles, which can then be sold to buy earn money to be used to buy even bigger and heavier weights.

Lifting Hero download

The game keeps players engaged even when lifting weights, as you have to tap the screen multiple times as fast as you can to make your character lift the weight you have chosen.

While purchasing something using your muscles will reduce your total muscle mass, the bigger and heavier the weight you’re lifting, the quicker you can make that muscle back again. Also, if you don’t want to lose weight then you can always use the Lifting Hero unlimited money feature.

For example, with a small weight, you might be able to make 12 muscles every time you lift, but with bigger weights, you might be able to make over 50 easily.

The weights also get more and more insane. Eventually, you’ll be able to lift even rockets or asteroids with ease.

Lifting Hero apk

Lifting weight also increases your overall size, which you can see in the overworld. Get to be taller than even the tallest of buildings to make it so you can be seen even from space.

One of the best things about Lifting Hero APK is that you don’t jump straight to the hardest and heaviest weights.

Instead, you slowly work your way towards bigger and heavier weights as you get stronger, just like real life. This adds a sense of satisfaction and realism to the game that not many similar games have nowadays.

Challenge Other Lifting Heroes

One very cool feature in Lifting Hero APK is the ability to fight other players in real time. Now, this isn’t the type of fighting you might be thinking, as lifting heroes fight by comparing how heavy the weights they lift are.

Challenging other players is the same as when you’re lifting weights in your own time. Simply tap as fast as you can to lift the weight in the designated time period.

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When matchmaking in Lifting Hero APK, if you feel like you won’t be able to beat the opponent or if their muscle level is higher than yours, you can choose to turn back and search for a new opponent.

How Does it Look

Lifting Hero APK has a very charming cartoonish look, similar to the extremely popular gaming platform Roblox, which isn’t much of a surprise seeing as how the game is based on a Roblox game called ‘Lifting Simulator.’

Additionally, all textures in this game are extremely clear, because of which it’s very easy to differentiate between the many different types of weights, which may range from an old T.V to an asteroid

Lifting Hero m apk

Perhaps one of the most appealing thing about Lifting Hero APK is the fact that you can edit your character however way you want. This means that your character will be different than everyone else’s.

Lifting Hero APK Benefits

In addition to the regular Lifting Hero APK download, there’s also the option for you to download the Lifting Hero APK, which has various benefits of its own that make the game better and more fun for everyone!

Lifting Hero APK 2024

The only major downside of Lifting Hero APK, however, is the fact that it has too many ads, many of which come when a player is in the middle of challenging someone else to a lift off.

Fortunately, the Lifting Hero is here to save the day! Enable this m to make it so no ad ever comes, regardless of whether or not you’re connected to the internet.

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While the option to purchase the no ad version is there in the base game, why would anyone spend money on a free game when they could simply download the Lifting Hero APK?

Lifting Hero APK

Now, the game Lifting Hero APK has a bunch of purchases that we can make. After all, the entire purpose of the game is to spend muscles to buy heavier weights.

However, this process can take a long time, because every time you purchase something using weights, you have to start all over again.

Lifting Hero apk download

Purchase everything that’s available in this game from the get-go to ensure the next time you challenge someone to a lift off, you have all the muscle you’ll need.

Get Those Gains

Now that you know why Lifting Hero APK is so appealing to so many player, what’s the delay? Press the Lifting Hero APK download button now, and work your way towards becoming the strongest person on the planet.

Whether it be a tire or a building, prove to the world that you can lift anything without any difficulty with Lifting Hero APK.


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