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Information of MX Player

Name MX Player
Last version V1.85.10
Category Video Players & Editors
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 129.26 Mb
Developer MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)

MX Player Apk Download

In today's day and age with the advancement of technology videos and audio files can be found in a wide variety of formats such as MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, AVCHD, FLV, F4V, MKV, etc. But not all of these files can be viewed by or are supported by android phones.

However, thanks to the help of modern app makers, you can now access and view any video and audio in any format straight on your android phone without having to convert it beforehand. This is all due to the availability of the MX player apk latest version.

mx player download apk

To discover the remarkable features of the MX player download android through our comprehensive review make sure to keep reading!

What is MX Player Apk

MX player apk is an all-new and innovative app that allows you to enjoy videos on your android phone regardless of the format they are in. It is counted as one of the most popular media players on android applications.

It offers a wide array of exclusive features ranging from advanced hardware acceleration to variable subtitle support. Furthermore, it also supports online streaming of various tv shows, movies, internet series, music, and much more, that too all in HD quality. It also provides a platform for you on which you can download videos, movies, and various shows.

MX Player Download APK

Snaptube is easily available at the google play store. Simply search MX player download 2024 in google play and download it from there. You can also download it by going to the official MX player download apk website and proceeding to download it from there. Just go to the website, and click MX player free download to download the MX player's latest version. It's literally as simple as that!

MX Player Version

The version of MX player apk is called MX player pro apk. It is not available on google play thus it has to be downloaded via a reliable third-party website. The MX player pro apk version offers an array of additional bonuses such as an add-free experience which makes the user a smoother, uninterrupted experience for a minute price.

mx player latest version

Additional benefits of the version include support for an even wider range of formats, support for a wider variety of subtitle formats, and background playing. Another cool feature of the pro version is that you can choose your theme and fully customize the look of the app. You can also add various hand gestures to change the volume, brightness, or playback speed to elevate your experience even more.

An elaborate list of all the MX player apk pro app features is discussed below in detail so keep reading to find out more!

Features of MX Player Apk

Below are the amazing features of our MX player download android file.

Hardware Acceleration

The most impressive feature of the MX player free download file is hands down the hardware acceleration. This is particularly useful if you have a low-hardware device. It will boost the playback performance and accelerate your hardware significantly. Hardware acceleration can now be applied to multiple videos.

mx player download

Multi-Core Decoding

This app allows you to use multiple decoding processors at once within the app to decode video and audio files faster and more efficiently. It also has advanced hardware accelerated decoders increasing the smoothness of playback and boosting battery efficiency.

Subtitle Format

The MX player apk app gives you options for subtitles in various different formats, broadening your experience further. Additionally, you can also edit the font size and shape to adjust it to your preferences. Another thing the app allows you to do is to synchronize your subtitles or add a subtitle delay as per your requirements,

Kids lock

This innovative app has a kids version or kids lock making it safer for your little ones. You simply turn on the child's lock which then prevents any accidental inputs or taps while your child is watching a video on your android device.

mx player free download

Background Mode

The app also offers a picture in picture mode. This allows your video to play in a corner of your screen while you scroll the app looking for videos to watch next.

Additionally, it allows you to play your video in the background of your phone too. This allows you to browse through other apps with the video and audio still playing. This boosts the app's efficiency and enables you to save time as well.

Playback Speed Adjustments

 The playback speed can easily be adjusted while you are playing a video. Simply slide up the screen with two fingers to increase the playback speed and alternatively slide your two fingers downwards to lower the playback speed. The playback speed can also be adjusted by the settings for all of your videos collectively.

This feature can prove to be useful especially if you are a student or if you wish to stream any tutorials or lectures it lets you play them at a faster pace saving time for you.

mx player apk

Audio Adjustment.

This feature is useful to boost the audio level in your video files. This can be useful in cases where the audio file of your videos is too low. It can also be helpful in cases in which you are in a noisy environment or if you are hard of hearing and need a little extra boost in volume.


All in all, if you're on the lookout for a new video streaming app or if you just want to happen to find something that will reduce the hassle time, and effort of converting different video formats, then you’re in the right place as the MX player apk app is made just for you.

To summarise, the MX player apk download is a multi-purpose app that has a vast variety of features allowing you to stream, download and convert audio and video files. Moreover, the Kids Lock feature makes it a great app for your little ones too!

Hence you should check out the website and download the MX player apk app or MX player pro apk today so you don't miss out!


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