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Information of NewPipe

Name NewPipe
Last version V 0.27.0
Category Video Players & Editors
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 52 MB
Developer NewPipe Inc

NewPipe APK Overview

NewPipe APK is a lightweight YouTube client for Android developed by NewPipe Inc. The app eliminates ads, ensuring a smooth video-watching experience. With its ad-free functionality, users can enjoy videos without interruptions. The app is privacy-friendly, not requiring Google Services, and offers features like background playback, a popup player, and offline video downloads. Published by Christian Schabesberger, NewPipe APK is significant for users seeking a seamless and private YouTube experience on Android. It stands out with its extended privacy controls and community-driven development, making it a must-have app for video enthusiasts.

NewPipe APK Features and Functionality

NewPipe APK offers a range of features that enhance the YouTube experience on Android devices.

newpipe apk latest version

This app focuses on providing an ad-free experience and robust privacy controls, making it ideal for users seeking uninterrupted and secure video streaming.

Ad-Free Experience

With NewPipe APK, you can enjoy an ad-free experience, eliminating annoying ads that often interrupt your videos. This feature ensures a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience, allowing you to focus solely on the content you love.


The app is designed to be privacy-friendly. It doesn't require Google Services, meaning it respects your privacy and doesn't track your activities. You can use NewPipe APK with peace of mind, knowing your data is secure.

Background Playback

One of the standout features is background playback. This allows you to listen to videos even when the app is minimized or your screen is off. Whether you're multitasking or conserving battery, this feature ensures you never miss a moment of your favorite content.

Popup Player

The popup player feature lets you watch videos in a floating window while using other apps.

This means you can continue watching your favorite videos while chatting, browsing, or performing other tasks on your device.

Offline Usage

NewPipe APK supports offline usage, allowing you to download videos for later viewing. This feature is perfect for times when you don't have an internet connection but still want to enjoy your favorite content.

Subscriptions and Bookmarks

Manage your subscriptions and bookmark favorite videos easily with NewPipe APK.

newpipe apk

This feature helps you keep track of channels and videos you love, making it simple to find and watch them later.

Extended Privacy

With extended privacy controls, the app allows you to manage permissions and data usage effectively. This ensures that you have full control over what information the app accesses and uses.

Trends and Search

Explore trending videos and search for specific content with ease. The trends and search feature helps you discover new and popular videos, keeping you updated with the latest trends in the YouTube world.

NewPipe APK Comparisons with Similar Apps

NewPipe APK stands out among YouTube clients for Android due to its unique features and privacy-focused design. Here, we compare NewPipe APK with three similar apps: Vanced, YouTube Go, and TubeMate, analyzing their features, performance, and overall user experience.

NewPipe APK vs. Vanced

Vanced is a popular modded YouTube app that offers features like background playback and ad-blocking, similar to NewPipe APK. Both apps provide an ad-free experience, but NewPipe APK goes further with its privacy-friendly approach, not requiring Google Services.

Vanced integrates more closely with the official YouTube ecosystem, allowing for features like comments and live chat, which NewPipe APK lacks. However, NewPipe APK’s commitment to privacy and its lightweight design make it a better choice for users who prioritize security and performance.

NewPipe APK vs. YouTube Go

YouTube Go is Google's official lightweight version of YouTube designed for data-conscious users. While YouTube Go focuses on data savings and offline viewing, NewPipe APK offers a broader range of features such as background playback and a popup player. YouTube Go provides a simplified user experience with limited functionalities, mainly targeting regions with slower internet speeds. In contrast, NewPipe APK provides a richer feature set and greater flexibility, making it ideal for users seeking a comprehensive YouTube experience without ads and privacy concerns.

NewPipe APK vs. TubeMate

TubeMate is well-known for allowing video downloads from various platforms, including YouTube. While NewPipe APK also supports offline usage through video downloads, it excels with additional features like subscriptions and bookmarks, background playback, and extended privacy controls.

newpipe apk download

TubeMate focuses mainly on downloading capabilities, whereas NewPipe APK offers a more holistic approach to video consumption. The user experience in NewPipe APK is enhanced by its intuitive design and seamless navigation, making it more versatile compared to TubeMate.


When comparing NewPipe APK with Vanced, YouTube Go, and TubeMate, it's clear that NewPipe APK provides a unique blend of features, performance, and user experience. Its ad-free experience, privacy-friendly design, and extensive functionalities make it a standout choice for users looking for a robust and secure YouTube client on Android. Whether you prioritize privacy, offline usage, or an intuitive interface, NewPipe APK delivers a superior experience compared to its competitors.

Design and User Experience

NewPipe APK boasts a clean and intuitive design, making it easy to navigate. The app is lightweight, ensuring it runs smoothly on various Android devices. Its user-friendly interface and seamless functionality provide an overall excellent user experience, making it a top choice for YouTube enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons

NewPipe APK offers a range of features that enhance the YouTube experience for Android users.

newpipe apk for android

Like any app, it has its pros and cons. Here, we break down the most compelling advantages and notable limitations of NewPipe APK.


NewPipe APK comes with several advantages that make it a top choice for YouTube enthusiasts:

  • Ad-Free: Enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience without pesky ads.
  • Privacy: The app doesn’t require Google Services, ensuring your data remains secure.
  • Background Playback: Listen to videos even when the app is minimized or the screen is off, perfect for multitasking.
  • Offline Viewing: Download videos for offline use, allowing you to watch your favorite content without an internet connection.
  • Open Source: Being community-driven and open source means constant updates and improvements from developers worldwide.
  • Cons

While NewPipe APK offers many benefits, it also has some limitations:

  • Limited Integration: The app doesn’t support features like comments and live chat, which are available in the official YouTube app.
  • Manual Updates: Users must update the app manually, which can be inconvenient compared to automatic updates from the Google Play Store.
  • Occasional Bugs: As with any open-source project, users might encounter occasional bugs or glitches that can affect the viewing experience.
  • Focus on YouTube: The app is designed specifically for YouTube content, limiting its use for other video platforms.
  • No Direct Subscription Sync: Managing subscriptions and bookmarks within the app doesn't sync with your official YouTube account, requiring separate management.

NewPipe APK offers a robust YouTube experience with its ad-free, privacy-focused design, and versatile features. However, its limitations might be a drawback for users seeking full integration and seamless updates.


NewPipe APK is perfect for YouTube enthusiasts who value an ad-free experience and privacy. Its features like background playback and offline viewing make it a versatile app for Android users. If you’re seeking a robust, open source YouTube client, NewPipe APK is worth a try. Download the app from trusted sources like F-Droid and enjoy a seamless YouTube experience. Don’t miss out—download NewPipe APK today and elevate your video watching experience!


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