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Information of PK XD

Name PK XD
Last version V1.52.9
Category Adventure
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 504.78 Mb
Developer Afterverse Games

What is PK XD APK?

PK XD APK is an open-world game with a social aspect, allowing you to build your immediate world and relate with others in their own world. In this exciting game, players can create an avatar, interact with many players, design their homes, and even visit the houses of their friends.

When you get the PK XD download, you will start out by designing your own character. The character design follows the theme of the game, which is colorful and imaginative and reminds you of a classic arcade game. There are tons of options for designing your character.

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After that, the PK XD APK Android allows you to decorate your house however you want. Let your imaginative juices flow, and think of your dream house as you put your home together. The house will have basic rooms, but if you get the PK XD APK, you can easily expand it quickly and purchase all the furniture you need to complete your home.

The PK XD APK game is not only about designing your home but about exploring the entire online world that is open to you. You can visit the homes of other players, go around the city, take walks, go to parties, visit restaurants and more. Most of the gameplay is based on customizing characters and meeting new ones.

You can enjoy a social game with nostalgic graphics and no limit to your imagination with the PK XD APK download, so get it now.

Create Your Own Characters

The first thing that you will definitely enjoy doing in the PK XD APK 2024 is character creation and customization. The game offers a wide range of items that you can use to design your character, so you can easily match your style.

After designing our unique character, you can get out there and meet new people. Every character in the PK XD APK download for Android is unique, with something to offer. You can stop and chat with the players while moving around in the game. If you see a dancer on stage, walk up to him to learn some new moves. You can easily make new friends, and when you do, you can win valuable bonus points.

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While the bonus points are great, if you get the PK XD APK download, you can easily purchase expensive items for your character and get your customization right. In the game, you’re not only interacting with humans but also with pets and objects. You might see some ice cream on the way or get handed a puppy.

Simply decide what character you want to play with and choose to interact with all the other characters, animals and pets in the game. Plus, play with the PK XD APK 

Decorate Your House However, in PK XD

After the PK XD download free, you don’t stop at customizing your character but can move into designing the house where you’re staying. After you have played a bit and met new friends, you will need a place to stay so that your friends can visit you.

You can get a place with the points you have collected before or get the PK XD download APK with all of the features. There are so many things that you can use to design your home. These include building materials, clouds, sofas, heart balloons, rugs with light, fireplaces, kitchen utensils and more. Build your dream home on a virtual platform and continue to explore the game from the PK XD menu Mediafire.

Get the PK XD download APK 2024 on your mobile device and start playing.

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Entertaining and Energetic Mobile Game

When you get the PK XD download the latest version, you can look out for an entertaining time with this diverse open world. The game allows you to live your virtual life however you want. After spending time in the character section and fitting your character with a wide range of items like their skin color, outfits, face, shoes, hair, and facial expression. Check them at the PK menu 2024 and start playing.

You can take on any role you want, from a young man and rapper to a witch or even a knight. With the PK XD download new update, you can always expect a wide range of new player clothes, shoes, hats, and other items that you might want to change.

Also, the PK XD download Android comes with different challenges that you have to overcome to get some fantastic rewards. Some of these challenges are easy and exciting, and you can enjoy them as though you’re playing in real life.

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Features in PK XD

In the PK XD download update, there are usually exciting features that you can look out for, especially with the constant updates. The features allow you to explore the open world, meet new people, and get fantastic rewards. If you want to get all the possible features, it is best to get the PK XD APK

Some of the features found in the PK XD latest version include:

  • Create your avatar however you want as you play the PK XD APK 2024. The game allows you to be whatever you want, whether it’s a unicorn, dragon, or just a plain human.
  • Participate in exciting games and race through the tracks with friends.
  • Get exciting pets while playing the PK XD APK latest version, and these will increase the experience. Also, you can combine two pets to make something unique online.
  • As you play the PK XD APK all houses, you can create your perfect home and design anyone that you want.


Start playing the PK XD APK game today and dive into an exciting world where you create whatever you want. You can customize and build characters and homes and relate with others in their own world. There’s no limit to where your imagination can take you!


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