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Informações sobre ZArchiver

Nome ZArchiver
Última versão V1.0.9
Categoria Tools
Compatível com Android 4.3+
Tamanho 4.87 Mb
Desenvolvedor ZDevs

An In-Depth Description of ZArchiver APK

As stated above, ZArchiver APK is a program designed for archive management with a simple and functional interface that makes it easy to operate. With this application, users can do a number of things, such as open compressed files, extract split archives, create password-protected archives, decompress password-protected archives, and so on. This archive management application is perfect for you if you want to achieve any of these things and more. It is everything you need to work with compressed files.

In order to understand better, ZArchiver APK 2024 is an application you can use to decompress and compress files on your Android device. It enables you to manage any compressed file on your smartphone. Whether you want to create a compressed file using different files on your SD card or simply want to see what is inside a compressed document, you can achieve everything with ZArchiver. The best part is it is free to use and free to download (ZArchiver download) from our site. Users can pay for the version if they want to support the developer.

zarchiver pro m apk free download

When you download compressed files or in different formats like ZIP and RAR, you will need to unzip the files in order to view the content. It is not easy to do with an Android phone as they cannot perform these tasks fully – this is where ZArchiver comes in. It is the best compression support application for Android devices and has all the basic features you need. This program allows users to choose from any of the following formats – XZ, zip, 7z (7zip), tar, bzip2 (bz2), and gzip (gz) – they want to create compressed files.

Also, it enables users to decompress files and view the content of files that are in different formats, which will be explained later in the article. Lastly, users will be able to access the content of files that are password protected, providing they have the password. How do you use ZArchiver APK? Of course, the first will be to click on our ZArchiver APK download button and launch the app. You will need to grant the app access to your SD card, and once it has been approved, it will be able to access all the files stored on your device.

ZArchiver apk

Users can search for archived files using the app's file management interface. If they want to extract files, the first thing they need to do is to choose the files they want to extract. Then ZArchiver will check the format type automatically and return the file to the folder specified. Users will be able to browse through files from other file manager applications or their device's storage. With all that is written above, we can tell that ZArchiver is a must-have application that wants to work with different types of files on their Android device.

As stated above, this file manager application is easy and free to download from our site. Our site offers a straightforward ZArchiver APK download process so that you can get right to it.

ZArchiver APK Free Download

ZArchiver has a version with some added and improved features you will not find in the free version. Users can only access the version when they pay, but it promises a better experience and more features to explore. For example, when using ZArchiver Pro, users can set passwords for archived files while zipping them.

This comes in handy when you have a classified document and do not want anyone to access it, and it is a feature you will not find on almost every Android file storage application. Also, users will be able to see the contents of the archived files before extracting them – this feature was only available on desktops but is now available on Android devices thanks to this app.

Lastly, users will be able to save memory on their devices when using ZArchiver. They will be able to see the content of archives smaller than 10MB without having to decompress. Our site offers a mified version – Zarchiver APK – that lets you enjoy the application’s advanced features without paying a fee. So what are you waiting for? Click on our ZArchiver download (APK 2024) button now.

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Features of ZArchiver APK

Now that you know about ZArchiver APK let us look at some of the exciting features this app has to offer.

  • The app supports partial archive decompression, and users will be able to open compressed files.
  • Users will be able to decompress and create archives that are password protected. This comes in handy for confidential files.
  • Users can view archive contents of the following formats: mtz, cramfs, deb, ECM, lha, lzh, tgz, xar, wim, egg, gzip, zip, rar, tar, iso, and so much more.
  • Users can create archive types of the following formats: tar, 7z (7zip), bzip2 (bz2), lz4, zip, XZ, and zst (zstd).
  • Users can decompress archive types of the following formats: CHM, cramfs, rar, zip, tar, iso, zip, wim, tbz, dmg, alz, lha, XZ, and so much more.
  • You will be able to extract split archives with ZArchiver.
  • Users will be able to edit archives – this involves removing files from the archive and adding files to the archive.
  • ZArchiver allows you to open archive files from mail applications.
  • Users can decompress and create multi-part archives.
ZArchiver download


There you have it – all you need to know about ZArchiver APK. This application is the ideal file manager for your Android device – it supports decompressing and compressing files in numerous formats. Users can also easily manage their compressed files due to the user-friendly interface.

This application is perfect for anyone who wants to deal with files of different formats. Our ZArchiver Download process is straightforward – so what are you waiting for? Hit that download button now!


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