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Information of Silly Wisher for Genshin

Name Silly Wisher for Genshin
Last version V0.41
Category Arcade
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Size 74.11 Mb
Developer sketchi

Silly Wishes APK Download

For all of you folks out there who are fans and a long time player of the popular game Genshin impact, you would definitely agree that sometimes it is downright annoying to spend a huge portion of your beloved savings on the game in order to extract the maximum fun out of it. Worry not for the Silly Wishes APk for Genshin Impact is here to answer all your wishes at once and resuscitate the long dead joy of your favorite game.

Silly Wishes APK allows you to mix two to four different characters and create a completely new and unique character and cursed mutation that you then use at various other modes and have fun. The objective of this simulator is to enhance the entertainment of the game and that it surely does. There are a lot of other simulators out there as well but Silly Wishes APK comes with a lot of exquisite features which are nowhere to be found. You no longer need to spend bundles of cash to buy entertainment anymore!

silly wishes download

Silly Wishes APK allows you to exploit all the banners that were previously limited. That means for the first time you can now try your luck and create all the rarest of characters and the ones you wished to create for a long time. However, amid all the fun do not forget that Silly Wishes is a stand alone APK simulator and is not affiliated with Genshin Impact and the sole purpose of this simulator is to provide entertainment and make your overall gaming experience more fun.

Silly Wishes APK Features

You wonder what is new in SIlly WIshes? Short answer: Everything! Silly Wishes comes with a full package of benefits and features that never go out of fun. Let’s look at some of them.

Character Info

Silly WIshes APK provides you with all the information you could ask for the characters in the game. It provides you an extensive and detailed overview of their abilities, stats and their unique elemental attributes. This feature will definitely help you in choosing the right characters to mix in order to get the perfect character you want. This feature makes it dramatically easier to create rarest of the characters and the ones which are only limited to your wits and imagination.

silly wishes download android

Gacha simulator

This app offers you a gacha simulator, a kind of an in-app simulator that allows you to try different combinations and mixing of characters to see beforehand if their combination produces those specific traits that you are looking for. Do you see what that means? For all those times you could not get those awe inspiring characters, you can now create them your own way for once. You can select different characters in gacha simulator and see if their combination produces the certain trait in the character you wish to create, if you are heading the right direction, and trust the process; you will soon have all the characters you wished for.

A Guide for Adventurers

Silly Wishes APK also makes you in-game experience a lot easier. It offers you detailed information about the game world; locations, hidden items and secrets, and about enemies. It helps you play the game more smoothly and confidently, so now when you play the game you will be able to explore the game world more efficiently and thoroughly.

Events Calendar

Silly Wishes APK have another feature that improves the overall gameplay. It provides you with a calendar that lists all the upcoming in-game events and informs you beforehand, so you can make better plans and prepare yourself before the time comes. It also ensures that you do not miss any important events and are more in power and control as to how your game is functioning.

silly wishes apk download

Time tracking

As if the previous two features were not enough to make your in-game experience more convenient and comfortable, SIlly Wishes APK provides you a time tracking feature as well. This feature offers you a tracker for the weather of the game world, which can be very useful if you are looking for certain farm items. That is because some items are only available when certain weather conditions are met. Therefore, all those items you were perplexed about their whereabouts, no time to worry, just play your game with Silly Wishes APK for free.

Colors Customization

Along with creating characters of your choice Silly Wishes also give the control of customization in your hand as well. It displays all the sub colors available, so you can create not just the characters of your choice but you can now also choose what specific color will they have. This simulator intends to make you far more confident and personal in the game than you already were!

Gene Editing

You would already be familiar with gene splicing, but Silly WIshes comes with an additional feature of gene editing, where you have even more control over choosing different characters and their genes to create that specific character you have in your mind. That means no character whatsoever is out of bounds, it all depends on your imagination and smartness, so download Silly Wishes APK right away and see what you can pull off.

silly wishes apk

Silly Wishes APK Download for Free

In short, if you are a member of GEnshin fanbase Silly Wishes is a must download for you. You can only imagine how easier and smoother this app will make your overall gaming experience. With all of the features mentioned above, Silly WIshes promises much more than any other simulator out there. And all of this comes at no cost. You can download Silly Wishes from here completely free. So get it right away and see how much fun and entertaining you can extract out of this fun packed game.


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