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Information of Snaptube

Name Snaptube
Last version V7.21.0.72150210
Category Tools
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Snaptube

Snaptube Apk Download

In today’s day and age, short videos and reels are all the rage. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, and other social media apps use videos as a primary form of communication. However, it hasn’t always been convenient to download these videos, whether it's music videos, dance videos, or just some inspirational ones.

There are a vast variety of video downloaders available on the app store. However, it is necessary to choose one that allows seamless downloading and gives you the best quality download. Thankfully Snaptube is here to save the day. With multiple features, maximum efficacy, and a user-friendly interface, this app is all you need for all your downloading needs.


Keep reading our thorough review to find out all you need to know about this new app that’s taking the internet by a blast.

What is Snaptube

Snaptube is an android app that allows you to download and stream videos for free. It also allows you to convert videos to MP3 and MP4 uninterrupted. It allows you to download videos in various resolutions in accordance with your needs such as 144p, 740p, 1080p, HD, 2K HD, and 4K HD. It also allows users to personalize and rearrange their downloads without an active internet collection.

In addition to all these stunning features, you’ll be relieved to know that Snaptube is fully safe. It has been approved by most of the popular security and antivirus apps such as McAfee, CM Security, etc. Moreover, it's free! I mean, what else could one possibly ask for?

Download Snaptube Apk

Snaptube is not available at the google play store. This is because of policies of google play that limit video downloading. Thus, to download it you’ll have to go to the official Snaptube website and proceed to download it from there. Just go to the website, and click Snaptube apk download 2022, it's literally as simple as that! 

Snaptube Apk

Also known as Snaptube apk, this version comes with additional benefits for a minute price. Simply download the version and get all of its amazing features!


It offers a built-in video player, which will allow you to stream videos without an external application. It also has a feature that will allow you to download multiple videos at a single time, saving you time and effort. Another convenient feature of the Snaptube apk is an ad-free experience. This allows you to have an uninterrupted encounter without the inconvenience of ads.

A comprehensive list of all the Snaptube apk features will be discussed below in detail, so keep reading to find out more!

Features of Snaptube Apk

Below listed are the key features of the latest Snaptube apk download.

Video and Audio downloads:

This is the main feature of this app. You can download videos from a wide variety of platforms, including but not limited to; Youtube, Daily Motion, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can download videos in various formats, that are compatible with different devices and require different amounts of storage space. This will also enable you to eliminate video lagging and video white noise.

You can also download videos in a number of different resolutions varying from 720p to 4k. This will allow you to choose a video quality that is in accordance with your needs and your internet availability. Hence you can download high-quality videos with even average internet connections!


The app also offers built-in converters. This feature allows you to effortlessly upload your downloaded videos to other social media platforms and post them in your feed or as stories, whatever you wish for! This efficient feature reduces the hassle of switching between apps, simply download and upload with the switch of a button.

Ad-free browsing:

This is a feature of the Snaptube apk, giving you an ad-free experience. Now you can download videos and audio without the hassle of an ad popping up with every click!

Easy Interface

The Snaptube apk 2022 is extremely user-friendly! You can like accounts such as your YouTube account, making it easier for you to find relevant videos. The app also has a browser allowing you to search for videos directly without having to switch between apps or copy-pasting a link.

There is no downloading limit, or folder limit! This allows you to organize and sort your videos in a way that is unique and personal to you. Moreover, you do not even require an active internet connection in order to organize your videos, it can also be done offline as well as online

The Snaptube apk version has an in-app video and audio player, allowing you to listen to music and watch videos as you browse through looking for other videos and audios to download!

Night mode

The app comes with a built-in night mode option, which reduces eye strain and is better for eye health. It also switches to a dark mode.


Convert videos to MP3 and MP4 formats.

Additionally, Snaptube apk also allows you to convert videos to an MP3 or MP4 format. You can also convert multiple videos at once and then import them into a different app. You can also use the videos app or music library on your phone to access the downloaded MP3 and MP4 versions offline!

Hands-free/Non-display mode

A feature that distinguishes it from other video and audio downloading apps is its ability to allow you to play music or videos in the background. This means that the app doesn’t have to actively be used in order for u to stream videos. This feature also allows you to stream music or play videos in the background without turning the screen on when you’re doing chores or studying etc, or while browsing other apps!


To summarize, if you are looking for a video or audio downloader, that’s versatile, convenient as well as user-friendly, Snaptube Apk might just be your best bet! And if you’re out looking for the cherry on top, with a few extra bucks to spare, the Snaptube apk is just for you!

Overall, Snaptube apk offers a wide variety of features that all cater to any needs you may have related to downloading audio and video content. From various formats to different resolutions, Snaptube apk has got your back.

Thus, check out the website and download the Snaptube apk or Snaptube apk today!


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