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Information of Solar Smash

Name Solar Smash
Last version V2.3.5
Category Simulation
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Size 154.18 Mb
Developer Paradyme Games

A Brief Introduction to Solar Smash APK

Solar Smash APK is a free-to-install mobile simulation game application developed by Paradyme Games and released in January 2020. If you are an enthusiast of the galaxy, black holes, the universe, and the planets, this game is for you. You will find the video game easy to play. Prepare your mind for exciting graphics. The planet's shape after attacks is intriguing, and the sight will make you happy. You can get the game on your iOS and Android device.

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Solar Smash Game Description

In Solar Smash APK, the destiny of every planet is in your hands, and you have the freedom to decide what happens to any one of them. You will be given weapons to destroy the planets. Every weapon you possess comes in five categories. You can choose from any of the categories when plotting an attack. Destroy the planets quickly and employ extraterrestrial entities to assist you.

It would be best to learn how to observe your environment when you get on the game. Your observation will give you insight into the best location for destruction. Games like this excite players because they immerse themselves in a deep storyline and gameplay. If you love Nintendo machines, you will indeed find the game fascinating.

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You will find yourself feeling like a superior and omnipotent being because you have the right and freedom to kill and destroy anything. The size of things in the universe does not matter in Solar Smash APK as there are weapons fit to destroy them.

Features of Solar Smash

Here are notable features of Solar Smash;

Explore The Destructive Power Of Weapons

You find it sightly easy to use the weapons given to you. Solar Smash APK 2024 offers you significant types of weapons. Tapping on those weapons gives you access to many options for destruction. Some of the categories in each weapon are extraterrestrial beings, mern devices, lasers, rockets, and outer space phenomena. These options are primarily seen in fiction series.

Since your target is the planet, you need heavy weapons of a different level. The weapons have easy control mechanisms. The extraterrestrial phenomena could come from another destructive planet, black holes, or meteorites. The missile weapons will send as many rockets as possible by touching the screen. After tapping continuously, wait a while to see the effect of your taps.

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Moreso, lasers can be shot using various destructive freeze or effects on your choice of the planet. When you choose the mern device, its satellite will fly close to the selected planet for destruction. The satellite will shoot the planet at the center and explode after a little while. The extraterrestrial entities could be a powerful man, octopuses, or worms. Make a careful selection of weapons according to the size and strength of the planet to be destroyed.

Elements For Planet Destruction

Solar Smash APK new version of gameplay is one that entails destroying planets, and most players enjoy it. To carry out your plan, the game provides you with a good selection of weapons. Do not forget that every weapon has its specific effect; you will find out these effects when you select a weapon. Some weapons destroy in a shot, while others require several shots. Your curiosity can be satisfied because you can do whatever you desire in the simulated world.

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The weapons are positioned on the screen's right side. Choose anyone you want, and position it properly to the planet you wish to destroy. Simultaneously, Solar Smash APK's latest version supports the use of a joystick. The joystick will help you carefully choose an attack position and rotate the game's camera. The use of a joystick is more effective if you employ various elements at the same time, as the game has no weapon limit.

Become A Powerful Being And Unlock Achievements

As a powerful being in the Solar Smash APK, you can choose whatever planet you want as a target for destruction. Tons of planets are at your disposal, and they come in various shapes, colors, and burn mes. Each planet will react differently to the same weapon, bringing excitement to players in the game.

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The Solar Smash new update lets you discover various planets and their distinct properties. You can destroy the planet and its properties to gain achievements that will help you unlock mysterious planets. Be observant and vigilant because the mysterious planets can come in various forms, like shapes, snowmen, or donuts.

Game Graphics

One of the most exciting parts of the game, asides from the Solar Smash APK with no ads, is the 3D graphics. The game visuals are wholly animated, and you can experience the movement of the planets when they have not exploded. The beauty of the stars, galaxy, and universe would bring a smile to your face. Every planet has its beauty, and you might not feel like destroying the beautiful planets.

The beauty of these planets is a result of the 3D graphics. The developers put in so much work ensuring that the color schemes, perspectives, colors, and lines greet you when you set eyes on a planet. You will find it easy to admire the futuristic and mysterious outlook of each planet when you play Solar Smash APK no ads game.

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Along with the fantastic graphics, the sound effects are catchy, neat, and fascinating. The combination of graphics and sounds makes the game more fun to play.

Final Thoughts

You can get the Solar Smash APK download the latest version on your mobile device to enjoy all the incredible perks of the game. The planets are beautiful, and launching attacks on them will give you a nice feeling. However, you might feel a little sad when the planets die out. Get Solar Smash download APK on this site to have the best experience.


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