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Information of Squad Busters

Name Squad Busters
Last version V47.227
Category Action
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 487 MB
Developer supercell

Squad Busters APK

Squad Busters APK is the latest installment from the popular company Supercell. Supercell is responsible for many great titles such as Clash of Clans, HayDay, Clash Royale, etc. However, Squad Busters offers a completely revamped playing style from previous Supercell games.

Unlike HayDay, Clash of Clans, and BoomBeach, Squad Busters offers the players an entirely new game that carries the characters of the previous games but not the theme. The characters in Squad Busters mainly consist of the old roster that Supercell has built up over the years, such as barbarians, witches, etc.

Squad Busters Gameplay

Squad Busters provides quite a unique gameplay compared to other games on the market these days. It is a PVP arena-style game where players from all over the world compete with each other to see who is the best.

Squad Busters is played with a squad of allies and not just a single character. However, all the characters in this squad are controlled by a single individual player.

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The game originally starts with just a one-man army, however, as the match progresses, you open chests to unlock additional members for your team.

Squad Busters APK Graphics

The game offers amazing and immersive 3D graphics that only high-end mobile games have these days. The graphics are then complimented with amazing color schemes that make the game even more joyful.

Although the graphics make it seem like the game is marketed toward kids, that is definitely not the case when you look at its gameplay. The game is made for players of all ages including adults.

Graphics of Squad Busters coupled with its addicting gameplay will let you forget your surrounding world and make you play the game for hours on end.

Every character in the game is uniquely designed to the point that each character makes you feel like you’re playing a different game. The animations of Squad Busters are also spot on. When you look at the animations, you can clearly tell that the developers have taken their sweet time creating them because of how well done they are.

Game Mode - Gem Hunt

Although more game modes would probably be introduced in the future. The current game mode that we are familiar with is “Gem Hunt”. In this game mode, players from all over the world enter an arena to collect as many gems as possible.

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There is a time limit to the match and the player to collect the most amount of gems in that time limit wins the match. These gems can be collected by taking down enemy squads or collecting the ones that are scattered throughout the arena.

As previously stated, you start as a one-man army and slowly build up your squad as the match progresses. You can unlock new team members by opening chests. These chests are opened with coins and the coins are collected from crates or defeating enemies. However, the cost of opening the chest gradually increases as time goes on.

Squad Busters Characters

The characters in Squad Busters are taken from the previous games that Supercell has released. These include the barbarian, colt, el primo, etc. Each character in the game has a distinct design philosophy and every character has their own stats.

Some characters have more health than others and some have more attack damage, and some are just outright better than others in every category. Each character has a special ability that is attached to them. These special abilities include being able to freeze the floor so your enemy can’t escape, and more.

You have one main character in the squad that leads the entire squad and the rest of the characters are just team members. You can upgrade these characters but that will cost you elixir which is accumulated by winning matches.

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Overall, the character roster of Squad Busters is quite large and you can never be bored since they are so unique in their abilities.

Squad Busters Mechanics

The characters in Squad Busters APK are controlled via a virtual control pad on the left side of the screen. This control pad can be used to move your character throughout the arena. However, there isn’t any button to attack in the game.

In order to attack anything, the player simply needs to stop moving and the attacking would begin if there is an enemy in range. Other buttons do appear from time to time in order to perform various tasks and there are also buttons to use special abilities of the characters.

Squad Busters Features

Squad Busters offers countless hours of endless gameplay. As of writing this article, the game is in a closed beta version meaning that only limited people have access to it. However, as time goes on and the game gets new updates, new game modes and features are sure to be added to the game.

That being said, it’s not like there isn’t enough game material already. The game features dozens of characters and different and unique maps to play your matches. The game also has an in-game currency called “elixir” that can be used to upgrade and increase the stats of your characters.

squad busters apk

Ease of use is probably one of the most attractive aspects of this game. The game is quite easy to pick up and play. However, as time progresses and you get better and better, so will your opponents. This is why we recommend you watch some Squad Busters YouTube channels to gain more insight into the game as well as develop new strategies.

All of these features make the Squad Busters 2024 a must-download for all the mobile gamers out there.


The newest installment of Supercell definitely looks fun and enjoyable. We hope it succeeds as the previous games of Supercell have in the past. The mobile gaming genre has been becoming so much popular that we’re sure if the game continues to get better, it would surely exceed the popularity of Clash of Clans.

That being said, we totally recommend that you download the free game “Squad Busters 2024” from any Playstore or the Apple AppStore.


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