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Information of Subway Surfers

Name Subway Surfers
Last version V3.32.0
Category Arcade
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 172.37 Mb
Developer SYBO Games

Subway Surfers can be seen as one of the best games with an endless-running theme. The game is so popular that it has a sequel and multiple spin-offs showing its characters in different countries. The gameplay might seem repetitive as you keep on running, but you’ll have to stay on your toes so you don’t get caught while collecting rewards on the way. Dive in with the Subway Surfers APK.

You can join the game in any country and run as fast as possible. You must avoid many things and prevent accidents, but you can never stop running. The game offers amazing graphics and sound effects to support the interesting gameplay. You can play with Jake, Tricky, Fresh, and other characters.

There are so many support items that you can purchase with your coins, and then you can get as many as you can with Subway Surfers

subway surfers infinito

Endless Run Gameplay

The Subway Surfers APK offers interesting gameplay, and the storyline backs this up. Unlike most endless-run games, Subway Surfers follows the gameplay from beginning to end. It starts with Jake (or any character you are playing with), who is painting graffiti on the train car.

But, the inspector catches him, and he has to run. The inspector does not stop chasing him with his dog, focusing on teaching him a lesson. Once he blows his whistle, the gameplay begins. It’s pretty easy to play this game, as it focuses on running nonstop o the railroad tracks. You cannot stop running and must avoid a lot of obstacles.

Since this is a subway, there are different trains, many of which are still running. You must dodge the trains, the traffic signs, and more. As you keep running, the game speeds up, making it harder to dodge obstacles.

subway surfers

To play the game, you simply swipe your screen. Swipe down to roll underneath something or up to jump. Then, swipe right or left to move in any direction. The round ends if you stumble twice and the inspector catches you, or you get hit by an upcoming train. You can also bump into a traffic sign or wall and get caught by the inspector.

But not to worry, you can go back and start playing again. Since the game is repetitive, most people think it would become boring. You will realize how addictive it is after you get the Subway Surfers APK download on your Android. The game keeps you hooked as you keep running faster and faster. Each time you play, you should focus on beating your high score.

Subway Surfers makes its gameplay even more interesting with the challenges. You might be asked to do something while playing, like collect letters, a particular number of coins or support items, and more. You can get rewards when you complete your mission.

subway surfers jogar

Get Support Items and New Characters with Coins

As you play the Subway Surfers , you will notice the coins in front of you while running. Run into them, and they become yours. The coins purchase different amazing items and unlock characters while playing, so you need to get as much as possible and save them up. The keys help you return to the game when you lose, but you need to purchase them with money or get the Subway Surfers to get as many as you want.

There are different support items that you can purchase with your coins. Aside from purchasing them, you can see them as you play, take them, and use them immediately. The jetpack allows the player to fly up to the sky and collect coins for a few seconds without any obstacles. Then, there is the coin magnet that brings you coins, so you don’t have to get them. The star is the multiplier that helps you get more coins.

subway surfers dinheiro infinito

If you get the big sneakers, they will help you jump higher, even over the trains. But be careful when jumping, or you might collide, especially when the sneakers suddenly disappear. Finally, and the most popular, is the hoverboard, which protects you from obstacles and collisions for 30 seconds. There is a mysterious chest, too, that can give you a lot of coins or a key. You can download the Subway Surfers unblocked version if you want to get as many support items as possible.

Aside from the support items, you can get new characters with the coins. Jake is the free character that you start playing with. You can get the dinosaur for free if you connect your Facebook account and other rewards. For some characters, you can’t use coins. Instead, you will need to collect special items from the mysterious chests that come up when playing. This is dependent on your luck. For instance, you can unlock Fresh with radios.

subway surfers all stars dinheiro infinito

Travel Around the World with Subway Surfers

One of the highlights of Subway Surfers is the different countries you can travel to and explore. The design of the game will change based on the country that you choose to play in, and there are so many cultures and festivals that you can enjoy.

The game offers fantastic graphics that bring the gameplay to life. The game design is based on 3D graphics that make every detail stand out, from the characters to the different items and the environment. The city, trains, walls, tunnels, and more all look amazing and suck you in. Subway Surfers APK features very bright and vivid graphics, too, and becomes even better when you unlock the paint spray rockets, which leave a trail of rainbow colors behind.

Along with this is the amazing sound effects. The game has fun background music you can enjoy while running and different effects as you jump, collect coins and get rewards.


Subway Surfers is a fantastic and popular endless runner game that has reached players worldwide. Its strong appeal and exciting gameplay make it perfect for your next game. Start running!


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