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Information of Wheelie Life 2

Name Wheelie Life 2
Last version V3.3
Category Racing
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 476.49 Mb

Wheelie 2 APK Download

Finding the right balance for doing a wheelie for a long distance is the challenge, which requires a lot of courage and nerves! But if you are an enthusiast of games that makes you do all these courageous activities with the luxury of your home for a long time then you will instantly fall in love with wheelie 2.

Perform the greatest wheelies and tricks on bikes and impress your friends as you do amazing stunts along the way!

Why wait then, grab a helmet right now, tie your belt, get ready to ride in this physics-based Racing game for Android. Hop on a bike and show off your crazy freestyle skills. Perform death-defying feats of balance that will get your heart pumping and adrenaline running.

Wheelie 2 comes with amazing real-physics dynamics that give you real-life experience of wheeling on bikes that makes wheelie 2 even more addictive and entertaining! So download it now and prove if you have got in you.

wheelie life 2 download

The controls of wheelie 2 are easier than it has ever been. This game is made to make sure you get a very challenging yet a rewarding experience. The freestyle me helps you hone your skills and test them later on.

Once you are used to the controls of the games, let loose your imagination and perform various tricks and stunts, and find out what you are capable of!

Unlike a lot of the games out there that make you stick to them with clumsy, long, never ending plots, wheelie 2 provides you a quick, rapid rewarding experience that you can always log into and get the most out of anytime you want.

Wheelie 2 APK Customization

Not just the wheelies you can do but you can also customize your bikes and choose your favorites to ride. You can choose from different available colorful paints for your bikes.

You do not need to  worry about the variety and the designs available, you will never get tired of them. Several mern designs are constantly added to the package and it just keeps updating with each passing day. You will find bikes with attractive paints which make sure that your bike looks distinct and unique in the crowd of other bikes when you go playing in the online me. This customization gives you more confidence so that you can play with full zeal and interest.

wheelie life 2 m apk

Wheelie 2 APK Look and Feel

Let’s start with the best part of the overall looks of the game. The interface is so minimalistic that you will instantly find your way through the game. The gameplay screen only has controls for your bike, frames per second fps, and it shows you the speed of your bike presently. What else? Nothing!

Unlike those games where there is so much going on over the screen that serves nothing but as a distraction as you play the game. It takes away the charm out of the game since you can not focus and contributes negatively to the overall gaming experience, and since Wheelie 2 is about balancing and wheeling you would not want to afford any distraction.

wheelie life 2 unblocked

Different Wheelie 2 APK Modes

Wheelie 2 has two different mes that provide completely unique experiences.

Freestyle me

Freestyle me lets you play the game when there are no rules at all. You will compete against computer bot bikers. You will be all on your own. There will be no restrictions over what you do in the game. You can perform any stunt in whatever way you want. You can even attempt to make other bikers fall whenever you want, which is always fun.

Freestyle me of Wheelie 2 makes you practice different transitions and tricks all on your own as you get used to the smooth game controls and understand the dynamics of the game.

You can develop your own transitions as you hop on and off different bikes of your choice. Where you have total freedom to pop off and create stunning combinations of moves.

wheelie life 2 free play

Online Mode

Online me offers a more competitive environment for the game. This gameplay helps you interact with the rapidly growing community of Wheelie 2 where you can test your skills of the game, the ones you learned in the freestyle game.

You can call your friends and play with, or even better make new friends along the way in the online community. Get hooked on as you meet a lot of skillful wheelers so make you come hyped up!

Wheelie 2 APK is the Best!

Because wheelie life 2 free play is a free to play game that you can download from Google Play Store, it goes without saying that it would have in-game purchases if you want to. However, if you do not want to invest as much money into the game you can always take the benefit of the Wheelie 2 that is extremely user-friendly. 

wheelie life 2 apk


Download Wheelie Life 2 APK and do not be left out when you can experience the opportunity of playing a great stunt game on your android device. This game is compatible with almost all android versions and the best part of it is its small size that is extremely useful in playing the game without any leggings as it does not overburden the RAM and hence give you a smooth gaming experience.

Downloading this game from third-party app stores will be beneficial for you in a way that the app or game will remain in your device’s internal storage even after you uninstall it from your phone. You will not have to download it again and again.


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