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Information of Battle Cats

Name Battle Cats
Last version V13.3.0
Category Casual
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 216.24 Mb
Developer PONOS Corporation

An In-Depth Description of Battle Cats APK

As stated above, Battle Cat APK is a pretty interesting game that involves sending your cats on a mission to fight against enemy troops. The fact that it is cats that fight in this game is what makes things pretty interesting. Players will command their cats using the simple controls in the game to fight in a battle through time and space. All you need to do is develop your cat army and choose the type of cats you will send out to battle. If you are ready to bring on your cute cat army, you know what to do – this game is perfect for anyone looking for something fun to play.

This is a strategy (real-time) game where players are tasked with protecting their base from invading troops that want to attack. The game comes with a twist – instead of fighting these invading troops by yourself or using a human army, you will use your cat army to do the job. You can choose from different types of cats in this game, such as strong cats, mermaid cats, and carnival cats. Once you access our Battle Cats APK download and launch the game, you can start going on a cute rampage worldwide.

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The game mechanics and controls in this game are pretty simple, so players will get the hang of it in no time. On the left side of your screen is your enemy troops, while your base is on the right side of the screen (it is designed in a small 2D setting). As the game goes on, you and the invading troops will get money which can be used to do two things in the game – buy troops or improve the base – so it is up to you to decide what you want to use it for at that moment. Your aim in this game is to destroy the base of the invading troops with the army you build out of cats.

Adding new cats to your army is essential, especially if you want to win your battles. As you progress between different levels, you will be able to unlock new cats that you can add to your army due to the experience you have gained. Although, when you download our Battle Cats unblocked version, you will have full and free access to all cats in the game (this will be explained further below). This is because the first cats you have access to in the game only have the basic skills, but if you get some of the special cats, you will be able to attack your enemies in the most destructive ways possible.

battle cats unblocked

When it comes to characters, Battle Cats APK understood the assignment as there are over 300 cats with different looks for players to choose from. For each stage, players will only be allowed to carry ten cats of various types. You will be able to improve the strength of the cats that you have by leveling them up, and once you get to level ten – this is the highest level at the moment – your cats will be much stronger than they were in the first level. The only downside to this game that most people may not consider a disadvantage is that players will not be able to challenge other players.

If you love cats and cannot wait to see them in a new light, you should check out this game. It is perfect for all ages, features cute and simple graphics, and, as stated above, it has very simple game mechanics. There are tons of one-player levels in this game to make up for players' inability to challenge each other. Also, there are different achievements to complete and a scoreboard to measure how well you are doing in the game. You can click our simple Battle Cats download (free) button to start.

How to Get Battle Cats APK (2024)

If you are wondering how to enjoy your Battle Cats gameplay to the fullest, you have come to the right place. Our site offers a mified version of the game, which gives players access to more features and benefits apart from for a better gaming experience. With our Battle Cats APK, players will be able to access more features that will improve their gameplay, and one of them is written below.

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For more benefits, hurry now and access our Battle Cats download (unblocked version) for free.

Battle Cats APK Features

Now that you know about Battle Cats APK let us look at some of the exciting features this game has to offer.

Battle Cats Gameplay

As stated above, the control mechanism in this game is pretty simple to understand. This might be a little surprising as most strategy games require you to think strategically and calculate plans carefully, so you do not mess up. Battle Cats, on the other hand, is more of a cute and fun strategy game that does not require too much thinking. It is a tower defense game, and your aim is to defend your base using your cat army in many interesting shapes you have never seen before.

Battle Cats apk

Every cat has a unique power, so you will have to choose the one you want carefully – this is pretty much all the strategic thinking you will do in this game. Your enemies are also different animals, such as snakes, hippos, and dogs, so you should choose your army according to what they can handle. When the invading animal troops start moving towards your base, just select the cat you want to choose (you will have accumulated a specific amount of money over time to do this.

Once your cat appears on the screen, they will automatically start to fight the enemy in front of them until they win the battle. So to win, you need to assess the strength of the animal that attacked your base and choose a cat that matches your strength or is a lot stronger. Players will be able to access special weapons in cases where they do not have enough money to select a cat. These special weapons can cause a lot of destruction and kill a large number of your enemies.

Simple Battle System

  • When you have enough money, and an animal is attacking your base, you must tap on the cat you want to fight for you.  
  • Look for the cat cannon on your screen, which can be used to blast your enemies when they are getting too close to your base.  
  • Take down the enemy base and overcome your enemies when you choose the right cat squad.
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Fun to Play

  • Players can collect as many fun treasures as possible while they take over the world. These treasures are fun and helpful as they help solidify your base.  
  • There are over hundred stages across three story me adventures for players to explore. There are also legend challenges to test your skills.


There you have it – all you need to know about Battle Cats APK. Dive into this game's world and build an ultimate feline army with the different types of cats at your disposal. Our Battle Cats download (APK) process is simple, so you can get to it in no time.


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