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Information of Gacha Art

Name Gacha Art
Last version V1.1.0
Category Casual
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Size 111MB
Developer UWU

Gacha Art APK

Gacha Club is one of the best games of the Gacha franchise and is a direct sequel to Gacha Life. Although Gacha Life and Gacha Club are both pretty similar, Gacha Club is miles ahead of Gacha life by every stretch of the imagination. It includes improved graphics, better customization, and new game modes.

Gacha Club was released by Lunime Inc. in the June of 2020. The game instantly became quite popular and became the favorite of fans of the Gacha franchise as well as critics. The game offers a variety of different game modes that the players can choose from including the main story mode.

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Although Gacha Club was created by Lunime Incorporations, fan developers of the franchise never disappoint the player base and keep introducing new mods every month or so. The latest iteration of the Gacha Club mod is called “Gacha Art”

Gacha Art APK Mod

The Gacha Art mod is the latest of the mods available for Gacha Club and it offers a huge number of customizations for the player base. It offers new hairstyles, new facial structures, new eye styles, and much more. This can help you a lot if you’re planning on making your own storyline from Studio mode and you think the current selection of customizations is not enough for you.

Even though Gacha Club is free to download from the Play Store or the Appstore, the Gacha Art mod is only available for those who have android devices. That being said, even players with android devices can’t install Gacha Art Mod APK directly from the Play Store. They have to search google for “Gacha Art APK” and choose a reputable site to download the 2024 Gacha Art APK for their android devices.

Note: In order to install the Gacha Art mod, you first have to uninstall Gacha Club. So, unless you’re ready to make this sacrifice, we recommend you watch some YouTube videos of this mod and see if it is worth it for you or not.

Graphics of Gacha Club

Gacha club provides cute anime-style graphics that people of all ages can appreciate. This, plus the fact that every little detail such as hair, eyes, etc. is so well-detailed that it really immerses you in the game.

The graphics of the game are designed to be liked by a wide variety of players such as anime fans, manga fans, and fans of Japanese culture in general.

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Studio Mode

The studio mode of Gacha Club gives its players complete freedom to create any scene, or short movie that they wish to create. It gives you the option of choosing from hundreds of backgrounds, foregrounds, and theme settings.

You’re allowed 10 main characters in your stories and 90 additional extra characters. You can change the appearance of these characters to your liking at any point of your story in order to give some character development to your characters.

For example, if your character has become an alcoholic in a story arc, you can roughen his/her looks a bit to show how sad and out of touch with reality he/she is. However, this is simply an example, you can create countless scenarios for your movie by using various features in the Studio mode.

Studio mode features an anime-like animation style, however, since there is no voice acting in the game, the plot and dialogues of your story must be told through “text on screen”. There are a lot of YouTube channels that are currently making content using Gacha Club’s Studio mode so there is nothing to stop you from doing so if you deem yourself talented enough.

Modes Besides The Studio Mode

Although Studio mode is the main show-stopper of this game, there are a bunch of other modes that you can also try out. The list of these modes is as follows:

Battle Mode

Battle mode is a mode in which you fight against computer-generated enemies. This is also the main story mode of the game. You would have to unlock new characters, train these new characters to progress, and fight further challenges.

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Mini Games

Mini Games are a series of small game modes that players can play to either pass their time or train their characters to new heights. These modes include:

Training Grounds: This is a mini-game used to level up and train the stats of your character.

Arcade: Arcade consists of multiple challenges such as rhythm games, puzzles, and much more.

Colosseum: Colosseum is a Player-Versus-Player battle mode in which players test out their strengths and weaknesses against other players.

Tower of Challenges: In the Tower of Challenges, players have to complete a series of increasingly difficult challenges to get on top of the tower.

In-Game Currency of Gacha Club APK

As with any other Gacha game, Gacha Club uses the Gacha Mechanic to unlock characters and collectibles. Gacha is derived from the Japanese word “Gashapon”. It is a type of toy vending machine that uses money to give out random toys and collectibles in return.

This game uses the same mechanic, you can use this Gacha Machine by collecting the in-game currency or using real money. There are over 180 units and 150 pets that you can collect in this game.

gacha art apk

Special events that only happen for a limited time also offer new and rare collectibles, so make sure to look out for any events and partake in them.


Overall, Gacha Club is a game loved by people of all ages, and even though the game was released in 2020, Lumine Inc. has continued to update it ever since, and new features and mechanics are still being added to the game. So go out there, and download the Gacha Club APK from either the Play Store or the AppStore to see the magic of the Gacha franchise.


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