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Information of Bullet Echo

Name Bullet Echo
Last version V6.5.3
Category Role Playing
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Size 321.74 Mb
Developer ZeptoLab

An In-Depth Description of Bullet Echo APK

As written in the above description, Bullet Echo APK is a PvP team shooter game where you only need to achieve one goal, and that is to lead your team to victory. The game features dozens of heroes with special abilities and play styles that you can use to achieve this. When playing team games, it is advisable to unite with friends to create a strong team. Setting strategies are also vital if you want your team to be the last team standing when the battle ends. This game guarantees to keep players on their toes – do you think you have what it takes?

Bullet Echo is another exciting game from the creators of Cut the Rope, Crash Arena Turbo Stars (C.A.T.S) and King of Thieves. If you are a fan of any of those games, then you should definitely try out Bullet Echo APK 2024. It is a battle royale game that allows you to play alone or in teams of two or three players. The game rounds are much shorter when playing in teams than when playing alone. The matches usually last about one to five minutes, depending on your skills. Since this game puts an entertaining twist on the Fortnite and PUBG genres, players will enjoy this formula differently.

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The controls of this game are perfectly designed for touchscreens so players can have a smooth gaming experience. The simple controls are a great feature of the Bullet Echo APK. You do not need to worry about controls for shooting, as your character will automatically shoot when your enemy is in your line of sight and fire. Your right thumb will be used to aim, while your left thumb will control your character. Lastly, if you want to collect any object in the game, you must stop on top of it, and your character will automatically collect it.

The entertaining twist that Bullet Echo APK has is that, unlike other battle royale games with a huge setting, it has several different maps for players to explore. This is pretty exciting, as players are not limited to one set throughout the game. They can play in an abandoned train, a village, a casino or a shopping mall. Players have full access to this wide variety of settings alongside the different game rounds, which last for around three minutes making Battle Echo an exciting and fun game. The game also features excellent graphics, which is something to look forward to.

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Between every game round, players can use the experience and coins they earn to unlock new characters and enhance the ones they already have. In all, the game offers over twenty different characters, each one with their special weapons, for you to play with. When you download our mified version of this game, you will have access to Battle Echo APK for a much more exciting gaming experience (this will be explained below).

Battle Echo is undoubtedly an exciting and fun battle royale which gives players access to a variety of maps and characters to explore. The excellent and high-quality graphics make this game ten times better, as it is undoubtedly the first thing players will fall in love with. Once again, do you think your team will have what it takes to be the last team standing? The only way to find out is by accessing our Bullet Echo APK free download process directly from our site.

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Access Bullet Echo APK from Our Site

As stated above, our site offers a version of Bullet Echo – Bullet Echo APK 2024 – which allows users to enjoy more benefits than the original version. Our mified version of the game gives players full and unrestricted access to more features for a more fantastic gaming experience. One of the significant benefits is explained below.

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Features of Bullet Echo APK

Bullet Echo has many exciting features, some of which are explained below.

Game Modes

Bullet Echo has three different options when it comes to game mes – Battle Royale, 5v5 Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill. Battle Royal is all about teamwork. King of the Hill focuses on solo fights, while Team Deathmatch involves 5v5 game rounds.

In the Battle Royale game me, there are game rounds between three-player teams – every team will try to destroy the opposing team to be the last team standing. If the battle lasts longer, the winning team will receive more rewards than usual. In this game me, you can pick up weapons, support items and equipment scattered around you. Keep in mind that your enemies are everywhere, so you must always be alert.

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In the King of the Hill game me, players fight alone without support. There are no friends or teams in this game me. You have to pick up your weapons and use them to destroy any enemy in sight while trying to hide from them. You have to do your best to survive until the end of the battle.


As stated above, Bullet Echo features stunning graphics – the colours, visual effects and shadows are displayed, creating fantastic battle scenes. In the game, the environment is not shown entirely, as the more significant part is engulfed in darkness, which is why your character will have a flashlight. So, players will only be able to observe the environment depending on how far the flashlight can go. You will receive system warning signals when the enemy moves, or you can detect his footsteps.

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Unlock and Upgrade New Heroes

In Battle Echo, there are many heroes to choose from. You will be able to collect and role-play over twenty characters in this game, each of which has unique abilities and skills. You will be able to access this information by looking at each character’s skills and stats information.

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If you want to unlock the characters in Battle Echo, you need to engage in battles to collect special resources and mystery chests. You can use the special resources you collect to upgrade your characters and improve their abilities. Or you can download our mified version and have access to all characters.


Are you ready to engage in fierce battles, win multiple rewards, collect special resources and unlock different characters in Battle Echo? All you need to do is download the game, sit back, and enjoy its exciting gameplay. You can click on the Bullet Echo APK download button directly from our site.


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