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Information of Shadow Fight 3

Name Shadow Fight 3
Last version V1.38.1
Category Role Playing
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 154.78 Mb
Developer NEKKI

Shadow Fight 3 APK

Shadow Fight 3 is a mobile game developed and released by Nekki Limited. The game is a direct sequel to Shadow Fight 2 which was also made by Nekki Limited. For the Canadian public, the game was released on July 17th of the year 2017, however, the rest of the world had to wait a bit longer as it was released on November 16th, 2017 worldwide.

Shadow Fight 3 features action-packed fights which resemble the fighting style of medieval Japan. The game features fightings with different types of weapons including swords, spears, knives, etc. However, modern weaponry is not part of the game since its set in history.

shadow fight 3 apk

Shadow Fight 3 APK Story

The story of Shadow Fight 3 follows 3 factions that are all on uneasy terms with each other. The player must choose one of the factions and fight for them. All of these factions have their strengths and weaknesses and you can choose whichever one you like.

The goal of the factions is to obtain shadow energy that can help them become significantly more powerful than the rest of the factions. The player must help one of the three factions to obtain shadow energy and complete the main campaign.

Shadow Fight 3 Gameplay

The game starts off and you get the option to choose the appearance of your character with different types of hairstyles and face compositions. This makes the game feel all the more personal since you’re playing with the character that you have created yourself.

Shadow Fight 3 features Tekken-style gameplay. The game is completely based on duels between the player and their opponent. You can choose your weaponry and fight with them however you like.

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Dueling is the main aspect of the gameplay and every single progression that you make in the campaign is done through dueling. You will meet all sorts of opponents ranging from basic soldiers as well as some henchmen all the way up to the main boss.

The purpose of each chapter is to fight your way through the soldiers and henchmen to rank yourself up and defeat the main villain. So in summary, each chapter consists of a couple of normal fights and then a boss fight.

Shadow Fight 3 Multiplayer

Although Shadow Fight 3 is mainly an offline game, it also has a multiplayer mode called “Duel”. As the name suggests, in Duel, players from all across the globe compete in a 1v1 to see who is the better player. The matchmaking system works on the basis of “Duel Rating”.

Your Duel Rating is assigned to you as to how many matches you’ve won or lost. The more you win, the more your Duel Rating will increase, and vice versa. It’s actually quite fun and relaxing to play the multiplayer mode if you’re bored with the campaign, so be sure to check it out.

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Shadow Fight 3 Graphics

The graphics of Shadow Fight 3 are a huge improvement from the previous Shadow Fight 2. In Shadow Fight 2, players were left with pretty bland-looking graphics and animations. However, Shadow Fight 3 features amazing 3D graphics and every map have its unique scenery and design.

The color scheme of Shadow Fight 3 is also a huge improvement from the previous game. Every piece of weaponry is designed to perfection and the animations in the fight scenes make you forget that you’re playing a mobile game.

Although good graphics are appreciated, it makes it so that Shadow Fight 3 can’t run properly on low-end phones. You need at least a mid-range phone to run the game and play it to its maximum capacity as the game would probably be quite jittery otherwise.

Shadow Fight 3 Mechanics

The mechanics of Shadow Fight 3 are pretty basic. There are no extensive combos that you have to learn like Tekken. You simply get a virtual control pad on the left of the screen and a couple of virtual buttons on the right of the screen for attacking.

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Although the mechanics are easy to use, it’s not child’s play. You need some mastery of the game before you can call yourself a Shadow Fight pro. However, it’s not that hard and you can learn almost every mechanic in the game by just playing a couple of matches.

Shadow Fight 3 Features

Shadow Fight 3 has a lot of different elements to it that can keep you entertained throughout the entire storyline.

The number one element is the story of the game. The story of the game is quite well-written and even more well-executed. The game also features cinematic cutscenes for special occasions such as beating the boss, etc. However, there isn’t any voice acting in the game. The only voice acting you get is grunt noises or laughing noises, there isn’t any actual dialogue. The dialogue of characters is shown through text on the screen.

That being said, the weaponry that the game provides to the player is also quite diversified. There isn’t a single weapon that was used in the medieval period that isn’t in the game. Also, the various playstyles that you can play with using different types of weapons and armor are limitless. This gives the player an advantage as to how they want their game to be played instead of the game being laid out for them.

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These weapons and armor can be purchased using coins that are earned by playing the game and winning matches. Plus, you constantly need to upgrade your gear if you want to continue to dominate your enemies in combat.


Shadow Fight 3 APK 2024 is a free-to-download game. You can download Shadow Fight 3 APK on both android and IOS devices for free from their respective stores. So give it a try and see it for yourself what Nekki Limited has in store for you.


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