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Information of Valiant Force 2

Name Valiant Force 2
Last version V1.11.3
Category Strategy
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Size 1.05 Gb
Developer XII Braves PTE LTD

Valiant Force 2 APK

Valiant Force 2 is a soon-to-be-released mobile game that is a direct sequel to Valiant Force. The game looks quite promising as it has all the features that we all love and enjoy from the previous game as well as some additional ones.

First of all, let’s talk a bit about Valiant Force. Valiant Force is a mobile game that was released in 2016. It featured a turn-based combat system where the combat system is based on waiting for your opponent to attack before attacking them and vice versa. Valiant Force was decently popular among mobile RPG fans and the players of the game liked it very much.

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However, a lot of time has passed since 2016 and there hasn’t been a single sequel of Valiant Force from XII Braves, but that has changed now. Although an exact date for the release of Valiant Force 2 has not been announced yet, we know for a fact that the game is set to release in the first quarter of the year 2024.

Valiant Force 2 APK Gameplay

From the limited footage we have available of the game, we can clearly see that although the gameplay is somewhat similar to the original game, Valiant Force 2 has so many new and interesting features added in it that it feels like a completely new game with no connection to its predecessor.

At its core, Valiant Force 2 is an RPG game in which you unlock heroes and take these heroes on adventures through the land of Arathos. The gameplay of Valiant Force 2 is designed in a way that it will engage the player’s attention for hours on end.

valiant force 2 apk

The main aspect of this game is team building. Players must build a team of heroes and constantly upgrade them as this allows them to face new challenges and dominate on the battlefield.

Valiant Force 2 APK Graphics

The Graphics of Valiant Force 2 is a huge improvement from the previous game. This is due to the fact that the original Valiant Force was released in 2016 and ran on an older game engine. However, this is the latest iteration of the game and it is going to be released in 2024 and will be running on the latest game engine there is.

The limited game footage that we have available on our hands right now clearly shows us that Valiant Force 2 offers amazing 3D anime-style graphics. Anime-style graphics have become a new trend these days and it’s quite clear why. MOBA and RPG fans actually like the idea of playing anime-themed games. This is because it provides better roleplaying capabilities in their minds for some reason.

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Valiant Force 2 Combat System

As previously stated, Valiant Force 2 provides players with a real-time combat system and not the turn-based system that was present in the original game. In a turn-based combat system, participants take turns in attacking each other and until the opponent has attacked you, you can’t attack them, and vice versa.

The turn-based system really limits the strategic aspect of the combat and players are left with boring and predictable fights. However, the new real-time combat system that has been introduced in Valiant Force 2 allows the players to be very strategic and look for openings rather than just smashing buttons on the screen.

You can defend as well as attack in real-time while your opponent is doing the same. This would make you look for newer and better ways to defeat each opponent even if they’re more powerful than you. In the original game, the only way to defeat your opponent was to be stronger than them. However, in Valiant Force 2, a lot of different elements such as strategizing, looking for openings, attacking at the right time, etc. are important.

Valiant Force 2 Mechanics

Although the mechanics of Valiant Force 2 are a little bit more complicated than the original game due to the real-time combat system, they are not impossible to learn. The mechanics of the game are simple enough that you can pick them up in a matter of minutes, however, in order to master them fully, you need to spend some hours in the game for sure.

valiant force 2 apk download

The game provides a virtual keypad on the left of your screen for the movement of the character, and for attacking, there are various buttons on the right side of the screen.

Valiant Force 2 Features

The real-time combat system is just one of the features of this amazing game. There are loads of other features added to this beautiful game that we’re about to discuss.

First of all, there is strategic team building. Players must unlock new characters and build a team with them. All the heroes in this game have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some heroes are good for defensive play while others are good for offensive play. You must choose a good combination of heroes to build your own team and maximize your winning potential.

The second thing is the loads of game modes that are present in this game. The game modes are story mode, arena mode, tower mode, etc. These game modes all have different elements to them that make each one special. For example, arena mode is a PVP mode in which you match against players from all over the world to see who is better.

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The original Valiant Force did not have a multiplayer mode present in it. So the addition of arena mode gives it an edge over the original game. After all, it’s always fun to challenge real players and feel a sense of superiority whenever you beat them.

Final Words

Overall, Valiant Force 2 looks to be quite a promising game. Although the game hasn’t been released yet. We know for a fact that it is going to be a free-to-play game. Mobile gamers would be able to download this game from their app stores.

For Android users, Valiant Force 2 APK would be available to download on the Play store and for IOS users, Valiant Force 2 APK would be available to download on the AppStore.


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