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Information of Gun Head Run

Name Gun Head Run
Last version V1.0.17
Category Casual
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Size 89.33 Mb
Developer MondayOFF

Gun Head Run APK Download

Are you getting bored? Want a quick and easy game to play to pass the time in a flash? Well, Gun Head Run APK is the perfect game for you.

Being specially designed to be able to play for short periods of time, Gun Head Run APK is the perfect time passing game to play, regardless of whether you’re waiting in a line, sitting on the toilet, or walking from one place to another.

And if you want to experience even more fun in the game, then there’s always the option to install the Gun Head Run APK to benefit from multiple exclusive features.

gun head run apk

Why is Gun Head Run APK So Fun

There are multiple reasons that make it worth you pressing the Gun Head Run download Android version, but perhaps the biggest one is how easy it is to play.

All you need to do is hold your Android mobile device with one hand as you use a single finger to navigate the gun head and collect buffs (or debuffs).

The game revolves around controlling a gun head, as the name of the game suggests, all the while destroying any obstacles that come in your path.

Every obstacle has the exact number of bullets it will take to destroy it, and if you aren’t able to do so in time, then you might end up colliding with it.

Different Buffs and Debuffs

To assist you in your endeavor, the game also puts various buffs and debuffs on the screen that you have to choose from correctly.

gun head run apk unlimited money

Some of the buffs include giving your weapon a higher rate of fire, making the bullets you shoot go further, and making it so multiple bullets are shot at once.

Because of the quick paced gameplay, however, it gets difficult to choose the correct option all the time, and accidentally picking up a debuff might ruin your entire run.

Gameplay That Gets Progressively More DIfficult

Speaking of quick paced gameplay, the further you get in Gun Head Run APK, and the higher your score gets, the quicker the gun head you’re controlling gets.

The main goal of the game is to destroy as many obstacles as you can, collect as much money as you can, and all the while reaching the final line of every level.

Similar to how the game gets faster the higher your score gets, the higher the level you’re on, the harder the game will be and the more hit points obstacles will have.

Therefore, it’s recommended that if you’re looking for an easier experience, you stick to the lower levels as those are the ones that require the least amount of effort.

Control the gun with your finger, and tap on the screen to get it to shoot. It might sound simple, but the further you get the harder it gets to effectively destroy obstacles in time.

gun head run m apk

So Many Weapons to Choose From

In every level, you start with a specific weapon. That weapon can be unlocked using the in game currency of this game called dollars.

Dollars can be collected by doing, well, just about anything. From completing levels with a high score to destroying obstacles and enemies on your path.

Many times there’s also the chance for stacks of dollars to appear on the scree in the middle of a run. The more dollars you shoot the more you’ll collect to use on more guns.

There is a wide array of weapons this game offers you too, from pistols to rocket launchers, nukes, and even water guns to cool off the enemies.

Using the multiple weapon buff makes it so that you have more than one weapon of the same type all firing at the same time.

gun head run download

Unique and Colorful Looking

Gun Head Run APK is an extremely unique looking game in the sense that you only control a floating weapon without any wielder.

Additionally, while usually games make it so the bullets are too fast to be seen clearly, Gun Head Run APK shows each and every single bullet with 100% clarity.

The most important thing about a game like this, however, is that the weapons should look good, and we’re happy to say they do.

Every weapon has a distinct look to it and can easily be differentiated from other weapons, even if they might have a similar rate of fire or damage.

There isn’t much to say about the game when it comes to the map, as the gun is always going in a straight line forward.

What we can say, however, is that the buff and debuff barriers that appear in our way always have texts and images that are very easily readable. This is extremely important for when you’re in higher levels and your speed has increased by a large amount.

gun head run download android

Gun Head Run APK Advantages

For players that want an even better experience with Gun Head Run APK, we recommend the Gun Head Run APK version, which has multiple easy to activate features.

The first and probably most appealing feature is the Gun Head Run APK , which, as the name suggests, gives you an amount of money.

This money then can be used to buy every single weapon in the game, including the nukes and other best weapons the in game store offers.

You can use those weapons to reach a much higher score than you could have reached otherwise.

Get to Shooting

And that was everything you need to know about Gun Head Run APK and why so many people are playing the game every single day. So what’s the delay? Press Gun Head Run download APK version button now and shoot everything in your path with the strongest guns you can find.


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